• Infectious Garage Disease

    Infectious Garage Disease
    Released by: Negative Reaction Records
    Released on: April 9, 2013.
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    What, you’ve never heard of Infectious Garage Disease? Really? Yeah, I hadn’t either until this new CD from upstart Negative Reaction Records showed up in the mail but now that the word is getting out, it’s time for this ultra obscure crossover band from the late eighties California thrash punk scene to get the respect they so obviously deserved in their prime! Fitting nicely alongside early D.R.I. and Suicidal Tendencies in terms of trashy sound but more akin to The Meatmen or maybe FEAR in terms of lyrical crassness, this four piece from the west coast blast through one obnoxious track after another, never slowing down and never holding back.

    The opening track, Milwaukee’s Best, is a quick, to the point ode to cheap beer, the kind you buy because you don’t want anyone else drinking your suds and so you opt for the lesser quality option. We’ve all been there. Pubic Lice… is about pubic lice and Hypno-Eye is about a Hypno-Eye. There’s not a whole lot to interpret there. The funniest song on the disc is Dear Pops, written as a letter from a virile young man to the father of a young girl he’s just sodomized and gotten high with while Porno Junkie is, as you could probably guess, about a man addicted to watching dirty movies. You kind of get the idea here – the music is pretty matter of fact in terms of lyrics, there’s not a whole lot here that’s going to make you think. The band does get slightly political with Real Enemy, a song that infers that the government exists not to serve the people but the corporations that run the country while No Sense is just a bit of an unfocused rant about all that’s messed up an inexplicable about human behavior the world over.

    For the most part though, IGD has their middle fingers in the air as the sing about not wanting to share their food with starving Ethiopians in Starve & Die, about the merits and joys of shoplifting in Shoplifting Blues and about overweight lesbians milking the system in Fat Dykes On Welfare. Political correctness has no place here, these guys fit in right alongside the likes of S.O.D. in that regard. It’s all very much a product of its time and not to be taken too seriously.

    With not a single track clocking in at over two minutes, the band is fast, often focused more on speed than agility. The liner notes recall how drummer Donni, at fifteen, told guitar player Jimmy he could play. They got together and neither of them really knew what they were doing but that didn’t stop them. Their first bass player and vocalist left and with two guys named Mike and Matt replacing them. The inexperience shows in the recordings but the raw enthusiasm and fuck you attitude help to compensate in a big way. In an era where throwback style eighties thrash is once again becoming somewhat popular thanks to bands like Municipal Waste and Toxic Holocaust, this is maybe a better time than ever before to re-release this stuff upon an unsuspecting public. So how about that CD? There’s a lot of stuff here….

    The complete 43 (!) song track listing for this disc is:

    Full Album From 1988:

    Milwakuee’s Best / Pubic Lice / Hypno Eye / Dear Pops / Real Enemy / Porno Junkie / Psychos On Speed / Gimme Some Slack / Thongs / Premeditated Stupidity / No Sense / Help! / Trick-Or-Treat / S.F. Wharf / Starve & Die / Why / Freaks / Shoplifting Blue / Chef Boyardee’s Mercenaries / I Kill / Party’s Over

    Bonus Demos (1986’s My Pet Disease Demo and 1987’s The Joke That Went Too Far demo):

    Hypno Eye / Why / Starve And Die / Shoplifting Blues / Freaks / Party’s Over / Real Enemy / Psychos On Speed / Thongs / Fat Dykes On Welfare / I Kill / Dear Pops / Porno Junkie / Malpractice / Gimme Some Slack / S.F. Wharf / Help! / Pubic Lice / Premeditated Stupidity / Chef Boyardee’s Mercenaries / Makes No Sense / Milwaukee’s Best

    If that weren’t enough, stick this disc into your CD-Rom or DVD-Rom and you’ll find that there are some bonus MP3s (roughly forty minutes in total) of a random ‘date unknown’ rehearsal and a performance from Gilman St.in Berkeley, California from August of 1987. And if you want even more, in WMV format there is just over half an hour’s worth of video footage of a public access performance shot in Roseville, California in 1988 and a performance from Sacramento, California’s The Danceteria from July 22, 1988.

    It should also be mentioned that the CD comes packaged with a nice, full color booklet of lyrics and original album and demo artwork in addition to a one page ‘quickie’ history of the band that mentions Slayer’s Kerry King sang backing vocals on the My Pet Disease recording! An impressive and ridiculously thorough jam packed releases from recently formed Negative Reaction Records is definitely a case of a new label putting its best foot forward. Anyone into eighties style thrash, punk and crossover would be doing themselves a serious favor by checking this one out.
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    1. Andrew Monroe's Avatar
      Andrew Monroe -
      This sounds pretty cool, I wasn't aware of them back then either. Crossover is in the air right now for sure, what with this and Iron Reagan - which I believe is out today.
    1. Ian Jane's Avatar
      Ian Jane -
      Andrew, this is right up your alley. I can personally guarantee you will dig this album from start to finish.
    1. Andrew Monroe's Avatar
      Andrew Monroe -
      Okay, I will order it! Really, they had me at Milwaukee's Best...I ain't afraid to admit I get teary thinking of all the twelve packs we killed back then. I can still sing the MOD song where they mention MB.