• Danko Jones – Live At The Best Buy Times Square Theater, New York City 4-9-13

    Danko Jones – Live At The Best Buy Times Square Theater, New York City 4-9-13

    Their first show in New York City in over two years (they last played The Studio At Webster Hall in February of 2011) saw Canadians Danko Jones opening for Danish band Volbeat at the Best Buy Times Square Theater on 44th and Broadway last night. Most of the sold out crowd was definitely there for the headlining act – but we left after Danko’s set. You can blame a long work day and a nasty head cold for that. Well, that and the fact that Volbeat doesn’t really wow me.

    But regardless, Danko Jones hit the stage at about 8:45 and played for forty-five minutes straight, a decent mix of newer stuff like Just A Beautiful Day and I Think Bad Thoughts as well as some older tracks like Lovercall, Love Is Unkind and White Cadillac. Danko announced to the crowd that although New York City gets acts on stage all the time, to he and the band it was a big deal playing there as, being from Canada, New York City seems amazing. Most of the crowed seemed to appreciate the sentiment, a few jock/douche bag types booed him when they copped to being Canadian. NYC can be a tough crowd sometimes but they rolled with it and made joke out of the heckling.

    Lots of energy from all three members of the band. Bass player John 'JC' Calabrese keeps things tight and brings a lot of enthusiasm to the show, while newish drummer Atom Willard (he joined in 2011 and has previously played for Rocket From The Crypt, The Offspring, Angels And Airwaves and Social Distortion throughout his fairly bad ass career) fits in really well – this was the first time he had played NYC with the band. These guys played it pretty straight, some joking around from Danko – “We’re a band from Canada who sings songs about fucking! Do you wanna hear a song about oral sex?” – in between songs but for the most part they just got up, kicked ass, and tore through a really strong set. Why these guys aren’t bigger in the States than they are remains a mystery, but hopefully, given that the Volbeat shows are selling out large venues, that’ll change soon. These guys work hard and consistently put out great albums and put on amazing live shows. Anyone with an interest in pure, unadulterated rock n roll owes it to themselves to check them out.