• Turbonegro With Dirty Fences Live At Irving Plaza, New York City, May 18, 2013.

    Their third New York City show in the last two years with new(ish) frontman Tony Sylvester on vocals, Turbonegro played to a solid crowd at Irving Plaza last night. Dirty Fences came out first to warm up the crowd and blasted through a pretty solid half hour or so of straight up, no-nonsense rock n roll. Their new album, Too High To Kross, is awesome and if you get a chance to check these guys out, do it. They get it right.

    Turbonegro was, however, obviously the main event – the amount of denim and sailor caps in the audience made that completely apparent before they took the stage. Lots of energy from the band, playing in front of a garish black light/neon banner highlighting the cover art of their latest album, Sexual Harassment. The crowd gave it right back to them, beer cans flying all over the place, crowd surfing aplenty. The set list was pretty much what you’d expect from the band at this point, mixing it up nicely with tracks off of the new album but still finding the space for the ‘classics’ you’d want to hear.

    So without further ado, some pictures!

    Dirty Fences


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    1. Mark Tolch's Avatar
      Mark Tolch -
      Sure would like the chance to see these guys north of the border.