• Rock! Shock! Pop! Visits The New York City Comic Con 2013

    A few days ago, just over this past weekend as a matter of fact, pop culture blew a massive load across New York City for the four day New York Comic Con which took place in Manhattan at the Javitz Center from October 10th through the 13th. While these days, big comic conventions like this one and the annual San Diego event focus as much (sometimes more) on movies, toys, television shows and other things that aren’t printed and bound, there was still plenty of four color action to go around.

    Panels and discussions were held celebrating everything from cartoons like The Venture Brothers and Bob’s Burgers to the 25th Anniversary of Chucky but so too were there panels on self-publishing, digital comics and the advent of social media. Of course, heavy hitters like Batman and The X-Men got their own forums as well. The show was sold out long in advance this year, which meant that once you stood in line outside to get in you got to stand in line some more to do… well, pretty much anything. But that’s part and parcel with an event like this, it just comes with the territory. Thankfully the staff was generally both polite and helpful and with information booths set up all over the place, it was reasonably easy to find what you wanted to find without too much trouble. This was a well-run show.

    There were scores of cosplayers on hand this year, many sporting some pretty ornate costumes, and of course there were vendors and exhibitors as far as the eye could see, selling pretty much everything under the sun. But enough talk, if a picture is worth a thousand words, here’s sixty-six hundred words worth for you.

    Even Destro has to wait in line!

    Walking Dead stuff was everywhere this year, and this MASSIVE banner was pretty much the first thing you saw on your way into the main hall.

    Video Games also had a pretty big presence, this display being a great example of how creative some of these set ups can get and how pop culture segments can and do collide in strange ways.

    Even car manufacturers get into the game. Chevy was set up in the front lobby pimping vehicles slathered in superhero artwork, while Hyundai was set up on the main floor with this zombie survival vehicle on display. If you wanted to get your face painted up like a zombie, this was the place to make that happen.

    Along the back wall of the main hall there was a huge Doctor Who dealer who put out this vintage Dalek on display. Daleks are universally regarded as awesome.

    Mezco had some great horror movie inspired toys on display in a cabinet at the side of their booth. We’d go back later for some more shots, but this is happening in order whether you want it to be or not.

    A guy in full Cyberman garb was wandering around…

    …as where some of The Avengers…

    …and The Black Cat!

    Meanwhile, over in Artist’s Alley, all sorts of comic book creators were on hand to sign books, do custom sketches and talk to fans.

    There were also a lot of Star Wars guys running around. Like these guys…

    …and of course, Darth Vadar.

    Vehicles from The Ghostbuster, Batman and Back To The Future was on display on the lower level, puzzlingly set up by some wrestlers like Tito Santana who were signing autographs right next door.

    More impressive costumes.

    And some pictures from the 25 Years Of Chucky Panel featuring Don Mancini, Brad Dourif, Fiona Dourif, Jennifer Tilly, Alex Vincent and Danielle Bisutti.

    Jerry Only was there, cool enough to sign stuff for fans without charging anything and happy to post for pictures and talk. A ridiculously friendly guy, for sure. Oddly enough, just a few feet away while this picture was taken, Whoopi Goldberg was being mobbed by reporters.

    Celebrity sittings happen en masse at events like this. Here’s a nice picture of Kevin Smith’s bald spot!

    This was one of the coolest costumes we saw – Fiona Dourif’s character from Curse Of Chucky.

    More monster toy fun from Mezco.


    Heisenberg surrounded by blue meth!

    Full Moon Entertainment had a booth set up with lots of toys, DVDs and Blu-ray discs available.

    There’s a local public access show on the air in New York Called Sci-Fi Ninja Theater. The guy in this picture runs around cons and interviews people. He was there interviewing this guy who I don’t recognize!

    Lloyd Kaufman and a small army of Troma employees were also hanging out and doing their thing.

    And the Walking Dead booth. This thing had everything in it from comic books and graphic novels to Walking Dead guitars.

    Wonder Woman!

    Some rad superhero figures!

    The Boom! Studios booth shows off some of their current licenses.

    The Marvel Booth was a zoo from the time the show opened to the time the show closed.

    But they had a neat car from the new series Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. on display. Don’t touch it or security guys will yell at you.

    There were also some cool art pieces being created live on the show floor throughout the day.


    Doc Hammer and Jackson Publick were in hand to talk about The Venture Brothers. They revealed absolutely no information about Season Six other than that it’s in progress and coming in the last half of 2015. They were a lot of fun though.


    The Tingler!

    DC set up a display with a whole bunch of different Superman costumes from the various live action incarnations that have been made over the years.

    And super cool Felix The Cat was hanging out too.

    With TMNT back on the air, Nickelodeon set up a big booth to promote the show and filled it with dozens upon dozens of vintage Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle action figures.

    The Penguin was also cruising the floor looking as dapper as ever.

    More cosplay…

    …and one of the funnier costumes of the day: Wilfred!

    One of the coolest booths on the floor was selling some pretty awesome original art pieces like this one from Maurice Sendack.

    Some original Vault Of Horror cover art, issue #27 by Johnny Craig.

    A great full color Spirit piece by the amazing Will Eisner.

    And a pretty amazing piece by Berni Wrightson too.

    Mattel’s booth had a huge WWE push this year.

    But it also had some cool prop stuff in it too. A hoverboard!



    A Daft Punk playset? Yep.

    This Alien figure would kick your ass.

    And some great Japanese issue Godzilla figures were on display too.

    Bringing things to a close, here’s a giant Power Rangers display…

    …and a shot from the Bob’s Burgers Panel in which they announced that the series has been renewed for a fifth season.

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    1. Alison Jane's Avatar
      Alison Jane -
      What a difference a camera makes!
    1. Nolando's Avatar
      Nolando -
      Jennifer Tilly's still so damn hot...
    1. Alison Jane's Avatar
      Alison Jane -
      The guy Sci-fi Ninja Theatre was talking to looks like it could have been Bubba Ray Dudley from ECW. Could have been. Would need a better picture to say for certain.
    1. Paul Casey's Avatar
      Paul Casey -
      I agree with the Tilly comments. Pretty soon, Jerry's gonna have to start coming up his deathlock from his back hair. Eeyow!
    1. Mark Tolch's Avatar
      Mark Tolch -
      Great pics!
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      Barry M -
      This makes comiccons look like fun. Nice!