• Colder Volume 1

    Colder Volume 1
    Released by: Dark Horse Comics
    Released on: October 9th, 2013.
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    Colder is the story of an asylum inmate named Declan, a catatonic sort confined to a Massachusetts facility in 1941. An explosion at the place burned down the asylum, turning many people within its walls into smoldering heaps of long pork. ). It also gained the attention of a deviant creature named Nimble Jack from the realm of the insane, called The Hungry World, a parallel dimension that only crazy folk can see. Nimble Jack feeds off the insanity of those afflicted until they die, but for some reason he merely whispers into the ear of Declan that he “will grow…colder” and leaves him be.

    Seventy-two years later, Declan is alive, hasn’t seemed to have aged a day, and lives in the Boston apartment of a kind young woman named Reece. She took him in from the last asylum he was bounced around to, and has kept him comfortable as she can. Declan is blue from being so cold, but he’s able to function on his own regarding eating and using the throne. He just doesn’t speak, doesn’t interact, and simply sits and stares. Nimble Jack is also still around, and catches the scent of Declan on her as she goes about her business in the city, and follows her back to her apartment to confront Declan. Jack of course gets no response from the turnip in the chair, so he leaves him be again. He’s just not ready yet for Jack to eat.

    Once Declan snaps out of it, and tells Reece all about Jack and The Hungry World, he gets her to believe him by actually showing her the other side. Using an insane homeless man as a portal, they travel to the nightmarish hell of a place. It has an ill effect on her, and she eventually joins the ranks of the crazy and becomes a pawn in the battle between Declan and Nimble Jack.

    Written by Paul Tobin (Falling Skies, Savage Sword), the story moves along at a pretty fast pace and without too much back story on the characters. He creates an interesting cast with dialogue flows nicely. Colder is illustrated by Juan Ferreyra (Kiss Me, Satan!) with a dark beauty that steals the show. His ability to capture facial expressions really brings out Tobin’s dialogue and his drawings that take place in The Hungry World are just fantastic. He seems to have among his influences the works of Bernie Wrightson and Stephen Bissette, but with his own twisted vision. Vicious dogs with giant hand bodies, gargantuan bone monsters, and talking locusts all look amazing with help from the colors he uses. He isn’t afraid of gore either, as he draws plenty of it. And aside from the five issues in this collection, there is also some conceptual sketches with artist commentary. The two creators seem to make a good team, and the product they pumped out is a good one. Fingers crossed for the next chapter, Colder II: The Bad Seed, as promised in the story’s epilogue.
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    1. Andrew Monroe's Avatar
      Andrew Monroe -
      I bought the individual issues of this and really enjoyed it - particularly the artwork. Offbeat enough to stand out in both story and art and didn't stretch things out too long. That cover above, which was also the first issue's cover, is kinda disturbing...certainly played a large part in hooking me in. Nice review!