• Schoolgirl Report 11: Trying Beats Studying

    Released by: Impulse Pictures
    Released on: November 12th, 2013.
    Director: Ernst Haufbauer
    Cast: Helga Anders, Sandra Atia, Ulrich Beiger
    Year: 1977
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    The Movie:

    Enduringly popular presumably because people like to look at naked ladies, the long running German softcore Schoolgirl Report series returns with this eleventh entry, subtitled Trying Beats Studying. Once again directed by Ernst Haufbauer, the setup for Schoolgirl Report 11 finds a group of academics on a radio show discussing the various merits of promiscuity and sexuality amongst those randy German schoolgirls we all know and love. This presents the opportunity for the group to recount some stories, and those stories in turn provide the opportunity for flashbacks to show us in unflinching detail just what sort of trouble these insatiable young ladies have got themselves into.

    First up is the sordid tale of Martina a beautiful young woman who’s up for more than she expects when her partner decides that there’s more to life than bookwork. When she finds out that he’s been getting some on the side, however, she takes drastic actions. Next we meet Regine, another foxy student who needs a little after school help with her studies. This leads to a session where her male tutor gets a little pushy with her until he gets what he wants out of her, which leads to a sort of ‘he said, she said’ conclusion where the only witness was his dog!

    After that, a few lovely ladies decide that it’s time to experience the joys of intercourse for the first time… and that the perfect location for that would be a barn full of old paint cans. Hilarity ensues.

    From there, we meet Michaela, a troubled young woman who decides for whatever reason that life just isn’t worth living anymore. She decides to take her own life but before she does, she leaves a suicide note for one of her teachers. When he finds this, he arrives just in time to save her life which allows her to explain to him why she was so distraught in the first place – she was kidnapped by horrible bikers who did horrible things to her! There are an inordinate amount of horny biker rapists in German sex films of the seventies, aren’t there?

    Last but not least, hottie Heidi's is about to turn eighteen and she decides to have some of her girlfriends over to help celebrate the big day. They decide that instead of getting her a present that they’re going to lock her in the bedroom with a surprise guest! Unfortunately, his skills as a Romeo may have been slightly exaggerated.

    We get a weird mix of playful and strangely dark stories this time around but even the darker stories are so goofy that it’s hard to take them too seriously. Haufbauer keeps the pace going well and is wise enough to know that he needs to introduce nudity and quirky sexual situations often enough to keep the target audience happy and he does just that. The movie is fairly well shot, if not really all that remarkable in a visual sense, and it uses a few interesting locations well. The real (and obvious) draw here are the female cast members, however, and Haufbauer has done well in choosing a bevy of beauties to parade around in various states of undress.

    This isn’t high art, and nobody’s trying to reinvent the wheel, but Schoolgirl Report 11: Trying Beats Studying makes for fine, racy entertainment and is, like the other entries in the series, an interesting product of its time.


    Impulse's 1.66.1 anamorphic widescreen transfer is pretty decent even if it isn't completely pristine. There are some occasional instances of minor print damage in the form of specs and tiny scratches. None of this is particularly distracting but it is there. Color reproduction looks a bit faded but is otherwise okay while the black levels are closer to grey at times. Detail is alright for the most part though softer than most will want. This is perfectly watchable but nothing to write home about. Oddly enough, the framing on the opening credits is slightly different than the feature itself.

    The German language Dolby Digital Mono track, which comes with optional English subtitles, has a little bit of background hiss here and there but you probably won't notice it unless you're specifically listening for it. Aside from that, this is a decent, well-balanced track that delivers completely audible dialogue and a nice score.

    Like all of the other releases so far in this line up, the only extras are a static menu screen and chapter selection. Aside from that, this DVD is barebones.

    The Final Word:

    Schoolgirl Report 11 is another fun addition to the series and while it’s not really breaking any new ground, fans of the line probably don’t want it to really try. It sticks to the formula that made the series as popular as it was and it delivers exactly what you want from it. Impulse’s DVD is barebones, just like the ten entries that came before it, but it looks and sounds okay. If you’re a fan of the Schoolgirl Report movies, you know you need this.