• Brain Boy #3

    Released by: Dark Horse Comics
    Released on: November 20, 2013

    Matt Price is Brain Boy, star of the worst-named comic to come along in some time. Which is too bad because the story by Fred van Lente is actually pretty engaging.

    Price is a telepath - the original telepath - who’s now employed by the Albright Industries and sworn to protect high-value targets from mercenary (and mostly lesser) telepaths. This power seems unlimited in the effects it can have in the human mind, causing distorted visions or just outright mind-control abilities. Price is introduced clashing with Ricorta, a foreign diplomat as strong telepathically as Price himself. Ricorta has sent a zombie-like horde after Price, to take him out of the picture as he’s defending a political dissident and former-close friend of Ricorta’s who’s been rescued by his daughter (and Price’s love interest), Luisa.

    But Luisa’s dad escapes, deranged and angry, while across town Ricorta reveals his true identity and body-snatching ability to a close, popular ally. Writer van Lente does a good job of putting all the dramatic players into play and pushing the beats nicely together as the puzzle behind the plot begins to take shape here. The art style here from penciller R.B. Silva is detailed just enough without going overboard so it’s not distracting at all. And the color work from inker Rob Lean and colorist Ego are dramatically employed to really enrich the mood and atmosphere of the story.

    Brain Boy is a fast-moving action story that nicely keeps everything in check, leaving you to both expect and anticipate more and more.