• Star Wars: Legacy #9

    Released by: Dark Horse Comics
    Released on: November 27, 2013

    Here continues the story of Ania Solo as she fights against the Sith and is on the run from the “friendlier” Triumvirate government. This installment finds Ania paired up with Jao, a Jedi knight on the run but following the vision he had through The Force of Sith involvement in a plot to overturn the Triumvirate. [SPOILERS AHEAD]

    This vision has led them to water-planet of Dac where the Sith are using an orbiting ring of factories with slave labor to build their pirate fleet. Ania and Jao, along with two slaves, have been sealed in a non-working escape pod and thrown into the poisoned waters of Dac to die slowly. Ania’s rescued Galactic beacon is able to send a call for help, though, and soon their friends of AG-37 and Sauk are speeding to their timely rescue.

    Meanwhile, Jedi Master Val learns of the troubles on Dac and the Sith presence there. Despite some misgivings about the trustworthiness of Jao’s information Val nevertheless is determined to help. However, the Triumvirate Council doesn’t see things his way, preferring instead to focus their galactic rebuilding efforts. One counselor, though, isn’t so sure Val’s not right to be worried..

    Now rescued, Jao is determined to find the main Sith behind the larger plans of domination by taking the Sith leading the slave labor work on Dac. The rescued team argues some about this, especially as they are apparently on their own and don’t relish a suicide mission. But Jao is determined and heads off to capture the Sith on his own if he has to. The cliffhanger has Jao embroiled in a nasty fight against overwhelming odds while Ania decide to try and help him, somehow. But a timely arrival from Val and his Jedi students might just turn the tide their way…

    The story moves along crisply, with dialog-heavy sequences still full of import and not dragging the action scenes down at all. Authors Corinna Bechko and Gabriel Hardman really work on conveying the strain of Ania’s mission and the potential cost to all involved. Brian Albert Thies’ artwork is what’s really on display here, though, as he covers a variety of environments and the scope of combat deftly with some great panel layouts to help guide the drama and action.

    This Star Wars: Legacy series continues to impress as the creators get more and more comfortable with it.