• Bloodhound: Crowbar Medicine #3

    Released by: Dark Horse Comics
    Released on: December 11, 2013

    This issue picks up right where #2 left off as Travis “Clev” Clevenger and his handler Saffron Bell are trying to figure out what the teleporting assassin that doesn’t kill anybody fits in with their investigation of Dr. Morgenstern and his super-formula. The Army major running the operation, though, is less than impressed with Clev’s handling of the situation and less than pleased with his attitude. He throws Clev and Bell off the case, leaving them with a bit of a furlough.

    During this time, Clev continues to pour over the clues around Morgenstern, trying to find his motivation behind offering his super-power formula to whomever he feels deserves it. Meanwhile the public fallout continues the controversy around Morgenstern and one of his lucky recipients contemplates his ability to do the right thing with his new-found powers.

    Agent Bell gets some time to clear her head and get fleshed out as a fuller character here which is useful at this point in the story since she’s separated from the main character and the action is seemingly passing them by. Clev, for his part, pays a visit to his estranged ladyfriend’s place, giving him an opportunity to be the fun uncle for her daughters. The youngest, Michelle, has a playdate at Chuck E. Cheese and so her mom invites Clev along. Everything seems fun enough as Michelle is beyond stoked for this party but, at the same time, in the parking lot, other events are building toward a literal fiery conclusion that’s going to push Clev to the breaking point in his investigation of Morgenstern and make it personal now.

    This entry in the series is the best thus far as the characters are now established and gain some clearer motivations. Dramatic action helps propel the story here and the rush kickstarts the story, with more big action pieces very well detailed by artist Leonard Kirk. Author Dan Jolley gets to stretch his architecture muscles much more in this issue, getting the opportunity to move everything ahead and making the most of that. Fast-paced and entertaining, this third issue out of thirteen is incredibly well-ground and solidly builds a great foundation for the rest of the series.