• Psychic TV, Daddy Long Legs and Bryin Dall At The Brooklyn Night Bazaar, Brooklyn, NY December 28th, 2013.

    This past Friday and Saturday night, The Brooklyn Night Bazaar hosted a free show put on by Scenic Propaganda with Psychic TV headlining both nights. Free to anyone who wanted to show up, the Saturday night show was opened by Bryin Dall of A Murder Of Angels and who has collaborated with Psychic TV’s Genesis P-Orridge on Thee Majesty. Dall’s set, which was a solo show, was a wild and strange collection of cover tracks in which he crooned over ‘guitar sculpture’ performing tracks by The Who, Johnny Cash and plenty of others. It was a great mix of psychedelia and noise with his strong, sometimes monotone vocals over top. It was interesting stuff and quite enjoyable to watch.

    Between sets by Dall and Psychic TV, Brooklyn’s own Daddy Long Legs (who have a full length out on Norton Records) blasted through a harmonica heavy blues-punk style set that was a pretty rad mix of New York Dolls style glam and Jon Spencer type wailing. No pictures though. Why? Because there was mini golf to play and beer to drink and BBQ to eat. The Night Bazaar offers all of this and more and if you don’t mind the typical ‘Brooklyn hipster’ contingent in the audience, it’s a pretty rad place to hang out.

    Psychic TV obviously came on last and played the longest of the three sets. It was a pretty interesting mix of their more accessible psychedelic material and their more experimental avant-grade stuff. Genesis was in fine form, responding to a ‘Merry Christmas’ from the crowd with a bit of a rant: ‘Merry Christmas? We don’t recognize that. Unless you mean the pagan ritual of (not sure what he said here), we do like that’ before launching into the next song. He had a headlight on for most of the show, which made it easier to follow him as he strutted around the stage, bizarre light shows projected onto the three screens that made up the back of the stage. The place was packed, it was tough to get close to the performance space let alone the front of the stage itself, but you could hear it all well enough from a good half way across the recovered warehouse space anyway. The acoustics were surprisingly good for what is basically an old brick rectangle as their music swirled, violins building to a wild crescendo over drum and bass, guitars crunching in the background and P-Orridge’s distinct vocals filling in whatever space was left behind the droning keyboards. At one point there were dueling saxophone players blasting away with the band as well. It was a pretty wild show, a serious case of sensory overload by the time it was finished, the kind that left ears ringing and minds reeling when the band walked off the stage around midnight.

    Some Pictures!

    Bryin Dall:

    Psychic TV:

    And some video!

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    1. Alison Jane's Avatar
      Alison Jane -
      The crowd sucked. If I never have to go to Williamsburg again, it'll be too soon.
    1. Goldberg's Avatar
      Goldberg -
      I been getting into TG lately.