• Reverend Horton Heat Live In New York City, Irving Plaza, January 24th, 2014

    A whole lot of people braved the lousy cold weather in New York City last night to hit up Irving Plaza for The Reverend Horton Heat with Deke Dickerson with opening acts The Nekromantix The Creepshow and The Reformed Whores. We didn’t get there in time to see The Creepshow and got in about half way through the Nekromantix’s set. Despite permission to shoot the show, security didn’t want us to use a flash even occasionally, so pictures from their set are… blue. They dress all in black and the use blue lighting during their set so there isn’t a whole lot of light to work with. At any rate, despite that they put on a pretty solid show, prepping the crow for the main event.

    After a fifteen minute break to get the stage ready, Jim Heath, Jimbo Wallace and Scott Churillo took the stage, opening a blistering set with the first track off of their new album, REV (which you should absolutely get if you’re a fan), entitled Victory Lap. After that instrumental opening they launched into Smell Of Gasoline and Never Gonna Stop it, also from that new album. From here, they mixed up the set, a great selection of tracks from the new album including the lead single Teach You How To East, and older, classic material – Psychobilly Freakout, Marijuana, Baddest Of The Bad, Eat Steak, all that good stuff.

    About half way through the set Deke Dickerson came out to play with the band. They started this part of the set with another instrumental track, The Millionaire, and then let Deke do a few of his own tracks with the band backing him. This was pretty much a guitar nerd’s wet dream, with Deke handling chores on his double neck and Heath working his Gretsch signature model in his own imitable style. After a bit of that Heath and Dickerson teamed up on that double neck and then they traded off with Jimbo on bass a bit before Deke did vocals on a fantastic cover of Mule Skinner Blues before ending that part of the night with a cover of The Ramones’ Psycho Therapy. In between songs he spoke about how stoked he was to be playing on as big a stage as Irving Plaza offers and how when travelling in NYC you can pretty much guarantee no one will mess with you on the subway if you wear a giant cowboy hat.

    Deke left the stage and The Reverend Horton Heat went back to playing their own material, closing the set, which went well past the hour and twenty minute mark, before bringing Deke back out for an encore to formally finish the night with a Merle Haggard cover and then The Rev’s Galaxy 500. You can check out footage from that in the youtube link below all of the pictures.

    All in all, this was a fantastic set. All three members of the band played with relentless enthusiasm and really seemed to be having a blast. There’s an infectious energy that comes from seeing a band loving what they’re doing, and it’s great to see these guys still going strong after all these years and not only sounding as good as they ever have but still giving 110% to their fans. It’s also worth noting that whoever did the sound that night did a great job. It’s all too common for shows to be so loud that things get lost and muddy sounding in the mix. Not so last night – it was certainly loud enough to enjoy but not so loud that you couldn’t enjoy just how great the musicianship on stage was. This tour is still going on and though they take a break in February both March and April are pretty packed – don’t miss it. This was way too much fun.


    The Nekromantix:

    The Reverend Horton Heat:

    And some video!

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    1. Mark Tolch's Avatar
      Mark Tolch -
      Cool pictures and rad video!!! Looks like a great show!
    1. Nolando's Avatar
      Nolando -
      Awesome! Tho' I am a bit disappointed that Deke doesn't play the bass w/ his feet any more...