• Star Wars: Darth Vader and the Cry of Shadows #2

    Released by: Dark Horse Comics
    Release on: January 15, 2014

    The rogue trooper’s tale continues in this issue as he details more of his struggle to survive as well as how he comes to define his own identity.

    The trooper, inspired by tales of Darth Vader, has left his self-imposed exile on a peaceful farm and now finds himself in the midst of civilization where the Empire is seen as a good thing. He sees this as his own new hope and thinks back to his time of dire survival in the desert. He committed himself to fighting, to never stop, so he gives himself the name of “Hock.”

    Finally in control of his own life, this clone remembers another clone back during his training that found his own identity. A talented but overwhelming presence, he named himself Kaddak and grew into a massive legend, an enormous brute of a clone that was seemingly free. It’s after he refers to the clone-that-becomes-Hock as “slave” that the seeds of imagination get planted.

    Hock thus soon finds himself back in trooper armor, in the ranks of Vader’s troops. But the rest of the troops are not all clones and so Hock soon distinguishes himself and earn’s Vader’s trust as well as becoming a commander. His tale of survival allows the story of transition between the Clone Wars and the reign of the Empire to make more sense, to have some grounding here. Also, this allows for a unique examination of Vader’s early days and how he inspired such devotion and fear.

    Tim Seidell keeps the story moving briskly and really works on defining his main character’s proper voice here. Gabriel Guzman’s artwork really shines, too, getting to handle a wide variety of scenes in all sorts of differing locales and perspectives. It’s an interesting tale to tell and one worth reading for any level of Star Wars fan.