• The Tossers With Continental And Jumbo Brown Live At Slake, New York City, March 7th, 2014.

    Chicago’s The Tossers rolled into Manhattan on March 7th to headline a show at Slake in Midtown as part of their current St. Patrick’s Day tour. The first band to hit the stage was Jumbo Brown, a six-piece band from Brooklyn who delivered a solid set of mixed up music. They pulled from rockabilly and bluegrass roots, mixed in some country and some rock n roll and mostly sang about drinking and screwing. They were amusing, something different at least. At one point their standup bass player handed his bass off to the guitar player and proceeded to tap dance. We weren’t close enough to be able to see if he was really tap dancing or not but after their set he was wandering around in tap shoes, so yeah, it looks like he really was tap dancing.

    From there, Continental came to the stage. Hailing from Boston, the band is led by Rick Barton, formerly of The Dropkick Murphy’s (he’s also contributed guitar, vocals and songwriting talents to the recent FM359 album). Rick’s son, Stephen, handles bass and they play some roots inspired street punk/rock n roll with a whole lot of authenticity and sincerity behind their style. They’re currently supporting their first full length album, All A Man Can Do, and they delivered a solid set. Rick seems comfortable on lead vocals, his voice is strong, and the guys supporting him do a fine job not just of backing him up but complimenting his guitar playing as well.

    The Tossers hit the stage around 10pm and given that they were headlining it makes sense that the crowd would get a little rowdier when they did. The fact that a whole lot of people had been drinking a whole lot of beer resulted in a lot of dancing and energy in the crowd, and it also led to a scuffle or two. The band, supporting their latest album Emerald City, was in fine form. They played a good selection of tracks off of their earlier albums and of course, a few from the latest, mixing in some covers here and there (The Great Hunger and The Pogues’ Poor Paddy stand out) and while the concentrated on the faster, more upbeat songs from their discography, they did slow things down here a few times to really let Tony Duggins’ vocals really come through. This band has been doing their thing since 1993 so at this point they’ve got a solid two decades’ worth of experience and material to pull from so it wasn’t really surprising that they sounded as good as they did. All in all, a strong lineup and a great night. The venue was cool, good acoustics, friendly staff and no meathead security issues to complain about. The tour continues through the week, the remaining dates can be found here.


    Jumbo Brown


    The Tossers

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    1. Nolando's Avatar
      Nolando -
      Would love to see Continental some time, if they ever come out to the West Coast...We're doing Poor Paddy as part of our St. Paddy's Day set, too. Woo.
    1. Alison Jane's Avatar
      Alison Jane -
      Good show. Could've done without Jumbo Brown though.