• Captain Midnight #9

    Released by: Dark Horse Comics
    Released on: March 26, 2014

    Midnight’s finally decided to take the fight directly to his nemesis, Fury Shark, to capture her once and for all. This story is mostly narrated by his teammate and fanboy Rick Marshall, who at first waxes nostalgic, from his grandpa’s stories of Midnight and his Secret Squadron during WWII to now, seeing his idol in action against his similarly-fast-forwarded Nazi enemy.

    Midnight, along with agents Jones and Rick’s ex, Charlotte, lay siege with Midnight relentless and, thanks to his high-tech suit and weapons, able to get Shark on the run. But some misplayed swordsmanship in the shark tank tunnel releases the ferocious beasts. Midnight saves Shark from being eaten, though, choosing instead to capture her alive - which he does.

    But a captive enemy is still dangerous and soon she and Midnight are engaged in some mind games, primarily around Midnight’s old sidekick, Chuck, and what happened back in the 80’s to him. Midnight assumes that Shark was holding him hostage this whole time, using him to get Midnight’s secrets from Albright Industries. And yet, as Shark reveals, it was Chuck that gave the information up freely, if only to keep himself and his friends alive.

    Before this news can fully sink in for Midnight, though, the teleporting assassin Helios shows up, gets in Shark’s cell, and executes her. This seals the deal for Midnight, who now knows who Helios works for and so who really is the bad guy here, setting the stage for the conclusion of the story arc in the next issue.

    Joshua Williamson gets to gather some closure here, albeit only briefly, but continues to update this hero’s story quite excellently. Likewise, the artwork from Fernando Dagnino is wonderfully done as well. Another great entry in this fun, new series.