• X #11

    Released by: Dark Horse Comics
    Released on: March 12, 2014

    Quite literally hot on the heels of the cliffhanger from issue #10 the story here has X and his old nemesis, Gamble, continuing their fight atop the under-construction skyscraper Gamble just blew the top off of.

    Meanwhile, Leigh gets into mob boss Tango’s apartment, trying to find the connection between the gangster and her new roommate, the vigilante known as X. She’s able to do some slick finangling to get there but, soon, she’s up against Tango’s assistant, who’s highly suspicious of Leigh’s cover story. She’s also pretty thoroughly vetted Leigh, saving some details to this face-to-face portion while holding a gun on Leigh.

    These showdowns cross-cut in the action, with X getting handed a serious beatdown at Gamble’s hands, only to survive at the last moment thanks to his old, ragged cape. Leigh, for her part, once she senses things going sour, tries to take out Tango’s assistant and gets rewarded with a shot to the leg. So both main characters end up far more the worse for wear in their respective quests…

    Duane Swierczynski’s story continues to ratchet up the dial on the action insanity while managing to drive X’s backstory forward by including a more narrative - and, thankfully - female character to the mix. Daniel Maia takes over the artwork duties and has his hands full with the big, huge fire-laden action scenes between X and Gamble, contrasted with the quiet, normal-light of Tango’s apartment and the other showdown. But he does a fantastic job here, really living in the details.