• Star Wars Legacy #13

    Released by: Dark Horse Comics
    Released on: March 26, 2014

    Ania Solo has survived the crash-landing of her abductors’ ship, seemingly the sole person to do so. The bounty hunter waiting outside isn’t too concerned, though, as Solo’s bounty is “dead or alive.” But she doesn’t expect Solo to be as resourceful as she is and soon they’re chasing each other across an inhospitable landscape.

    Meanwhile, Ania’s friends Sauk, Jao and AG-37, press on with their seemingly insurmountable search for where she could have been taken. they also delve into discussions on Ania’s nature and what their friendships truly mean. Elsewhere, then, Imperial Knight Gen. Val questions Empress Fel’s decision to hunt down Solo so violently. (Since Ania saved Val’s life, he’s understandably a bit reluctant to capture her.) But Fel impresses upon Val her allegiance to the Knight’s code above all else, that demands an answer for the death of one of their own.

    They might just have to wait, though, as Ania stumbles into a pit of nasty bugs on her hurried escape. As she’s about to be pounced upon, though, the mysterious bounty hunter pulls her to safety and, also, captivity. Ania tries to discover this hunter’s identity but to no avail. Just as she’s summoning her spaceship, though, Ramid comes roaring out of the dust and knocks the hunter out. Ania seizes the opportunity, getting a dropped blaster pointed at her friend-turned-captor pretty quickly. But Ramid is also quick to point out that, right now, he’s her best and only option of getting out.

    This installment is much more pensive and introspective as the discussion between Ania’s friends upon her character and all their roles in the story really takes center stage. Corinna Bechko and Gabriel Hardman write a good, compelling, involved and engaging story, though, so none of this pontification feels forced at all. And Hardman’s artwork is lovingly imbued in shadow and fine detail, giving the mystery at hand even more physical depth, so to spe