• Pariah #2

    Released by: Dark Horse Comics
    Released on: March 26, 2014

    The vitros are quickly re-establishing themselves in what was supposed to have been their coffin but it’s not easy. Brandon is the narrator this time around, acting as sort of a sheriff and project manager. They’ve managed to scavenge some parts from abandoned satellites near them and are putting them to use in a variety of ways in their new home. He’s also growing close to Samantha, kind of the project lead, even though he’s basically attached to Lila, who’s obsessed with being their leader, along with Hyde whom no one else trusts.

    This episode follows Brandon around as Samantha hits on him, Lila yells at him, Marks points out the obvious to him, and he himself wonders at their chances (both the whole group as well as what he and Lila have). He also has to investigate the source of a series of communications originating from their space capsule that are disrupting economic markets down on Earth. The outcast Maudsley helps him figure out a short-list of suspects and Brandon’s soon got it narrowed down to Michael, who’s apparently just getting back at his prominent billionaire banker dad. The crisis shut down, Brandon still tries to get Lila to divulge whatever mysterious big plan she and Hyde are working on but she won’t budge. Instead, the issue ends with Hal, apparently the last vitro left alive on Earth, trying to reach Lila for his next orders…

    Aron Warner and Philip Gelatt nicely move this story around narratively, setting up the confrontations and detailing more of the inner workings of these special characters all at once. And the beautiful artwork from Brett Weldele keeps the outer space setting very dream-like, hostile but also oddly comfortable.