• Staten Island Boat Graveyard

    Visible off of the eloquently named Arthur Kills Road on the southern part of Staten Island lies this water logged anomaly that’s captured the eyes of those with an appreciation for the oddities that SI seems to have in abundance (it really is, in my opinion, the strangest of the five burroughs of New York City). This is basically the Witte Marine Salvage yard, a chunk of water off in a swampy shore area used by a scrap metal dealer specializing in salvaging bits and pieces from various boats that are taken out of service and essentially left to rust.
    Some of these are bigger than others as you can see from the pictures below, but they’ve all got some interesting character regardless. There doesn’t appear to be a way to get closer to the wrecks than the roadside without getting into the Witte scrapyard proper or without the aid of a boat but a 200mm lens gets you close enough to appreciate the size and state of some of these relics.

    Because the area is an active salvage yard the wrecks seem to come and go over time, some obviously having lasted quite some time based on the amount of rust and deterioration. The boat graveyard was recently used as a location in the Phillip Noyce film, Salt.