• Star Wars #17

    Released by: Dark Horse Comics
    Released on: May 14, 2014

    Leia’s wedding date has arrived and nobody seems to like it with even the prince of Arrochar being hesitant. Luke, meanwhile, continues his trek up the dangerous mountains with the Arrochar rangers, frustrated and angry at the prospects that have befallen them all.

    It’s on this mission, though, that he hears Kenobi’s voice who alerts him to the clear trap he’s walking into. Ben tells him to be patient, that his path will soon become clear. Once they reach the summit, the rangers reveal their plans of using the communications to notify some nearby Imperial star destroyers to begin bombardment of the royal palace. They admit that Luke seems like a good soldier and regret having to kill him but the Jedi-in-training proves to be difficult prey, fending off their attacks with his light saber at first, then falling over the steep cliff. Thinking him dead, the rangers continue with their nefarious mission.

    Back at the palace, Wedge and Han ponder the amount of security that’s present at this wedding since the place is supposed to be quite peaceful. They suspect something’s up but have no idea what or who might be involved. Meanwhile, above the crowded courtyard, Prince Kaspar is nervous and talks with his general, the one behind all this Imperial involvement. The prince laments not being able to have served in the military or in some demonstrable way but the general hints evilly that there “may be time for that yet…”

    Luke, having survived his fall, works to intercept/disrupt the rangers, setting a trap for them. But they, too, are rather capable and just when they have a bead on him it’s Luke’s wingman, Ardana, who swoops in with her X-wing and blows them all away. Luke hitches a ride with her (somehow - they don’t explain how he’s supposed to fit in a single-person cabin) and they race to inform Leia about what they’ve discovered.

    Leia is having serious second thoughts and is discussing those with Mon Mothma when the evil general detonates the Imperial droid’s bomb he’s allowed into the palace, destroying its upper levels. Panic ensues but then Mothma hears from the Rebel fleet that star destroyers have now appeared above the planet as well, led by none other than Lord Vader himself…

    For all the maneuvering of the previous issues in this storyline this issue finally lets loose with the action as the evil plan is put into motion. Brian Wood sets the beats down here expertly, making this a real page-turner and a great deal of fun to read. Stephane Crety gets to let loose, too, with his artwork now getting a bunch of explosions across a wide variety of environments to balance with character close-ups. An excellent entry into this interesting series, to be certain.