• Star Wars: Legacy #14

    Released by: Dark Horse Comics
    Released on: Apr. 23, 2014

    Ania’s friends of Sauk, former Imperial Knight Jao, and robotic hunter AG-37 have tracked Ramid’s ship that took Ania. They find its crashed wreckage devoid of life on a hostile planet, the robot continuing his search on his own once it starts raining glass…

    Ania, meanwhile, escapes this lethal storm underneath Ramid’s speederbike. This provides the two of them a long-overdue opportunity to catch up and explain what happened between them. Ania’s able to explain that she didn’t abandon him during their prison escape - he just appeared to be dead or, at the very least, not rescue-able. She sincerely apologizes and then a huge bug appears and covers them and their bike, feeding on the raining glass and on the move. So they seize the chance and move under that canopy.

    Back on their ship, Jao and Sauk talk to the hologram of Master Val who, back on Coruscant, is investigating the Imperial knight murder that Ania’s accused of accomplishing. He finds overlooked evidence of the killer having a prosthetic hand - something Ania does not have. Ania and Ramid make their way to an outpost, now that the glass storm has passed and, on their way, AG spies them and reports back to the others who head toward them.


    Ania and Ramid find that the outpost isn’t abandoned but, rather, had sent a distress signal. Just then the whip-wielding bounty hunter reappears and catches Ania. But Ramid, having a change of heart about this whole mission and finding some peace with Ania, rushes to her rescue. During his fight with the bounty hunter, it’s revealed she’s the one with a robotic hand - the one she uses to apparently break Ramid’s neck.

    Jao leaves the ship to investigate the outpost, with Sauk giving the warning that another storm is coming, this one raining acid, and that the ship won’t survive that so they have to get a move on. But Jao encounters the bounty hunter and tells Ania to run, that Jao is the target, not Ania here. Ania runs outside, only to discover that the acid storm has already started…

    Corinna Bechko and Gabriel Hardman continue their excellent storyline here, getting everyone in on the action once again. Hardman’s artwork keeps pace with it all, relishing in the details of these new, alien worlds as well as pumping up the interpersonal drama and action sequences. Another excellent entry in this great series.