• The Star Wars #8

    Released by: Dark Horse Comics
    Released on: May 28, 2014

    This issue is the conclusion of Lucas’ original story for Star Wars and so ends in a fashion quite similar to A New Hope.


    Anakin Starkiller and faithful droid companion Artwo have made it onto the Imperial Space Fortress where Princess Leia is being held. But the evil Darth Vader is aware of his presence and soon has the young Jedi trapped and captured, all using methods that do not please the Sith lord Prince Valorum. So he visits the imprisoned Jedi, respectful of Anakin’s talents but wondering why he’s done such a foolish thing. Then, Vader and evil Governor Hoedaack show up, wanting to publicly execute Anakin on Alderaan, to put an end to the “myth” about Jedi - and warning Valorum that the Sith might just be next on such a list...

    Meanwhile, Gen. Skywalker and Han Solo have further trained the Wookies as pilots and so they all launch their attack on the Empire’s Space Fortress. As soon as they do, Vader and Hoedaack take off, leaving Valorum to free Anakin, believing more in the way of The Force than the tyranny he sees taking shape before him now. The two fight their way free but Anakin won’t leave without Leia and Valorum responds with something about such thoughts being the reason they’re on opposite sides.

    Together, they run off to the princess’ cell and get her out. But during their escape they have to take to going through a garbage disposal. When Vader is alerted to them being stuck there, he starts the walls closing in on them. Thankfully, the Wookies destroy the main power source on the fortress, stopping the walls and allowing the heroes to escape. They find Artwo, who informs them the whole place is about to blow so they run to the escape pods. On the bridge, Vader and Hoedaack argue about abandoning ship but, too late, as the fortress begins to explode around them.

    The heroes all manage to escape, giving Anakin and Leia the opportunity for an overdue embrace. Safely back on the home planet of Aquilae, in the throne room, Leia doles out medals to Chewbacca, Gen. Skywalker and Anakin whom she also appoints as the new Lord Protector of the planet. The gathered crowds cheer enthusiastically as their nightmare has ended, too, although the script continues with a tease about the heroes’ next adventure…

    Jonathan Rinzler is clearly having a ball making this original story into something of its own, unabashed and feeling like a fresh take on the whole series. Mike Mayhew’s artwork is likewise stellar here, too. It’s a must-have for the serious Star Wars fan.