• Golden Age Of Danish Pornography, The - Volume Two

    Released by: Pink Flamingo Entertainment
    Released on: April, 2014.
    Director: Freddy Weiss
    Cast: Various
    Year: 1970-1974
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    The Movies:

    Freddy Weiss may not be a household name, in fact, even within the circles of vintage porno fans he’s pretty obscure but he ranks up there with other Danish porno pioneers like the prolific and influential Lasse Braun and Ole Ege (the man behind the awesome pornographic documentary, Pornografi). With that said, Pink Flamingo Entertainment have rescued an even dozen (most running roughly eight to ten minutes in length, give or take!) of the short films that he made for the adult film market in the early 1970s and released them now on one beautifully re-mastered DVD for the first time anywhere.

    Weiss’ style, at least judging by these shorts, all originally made for Venus Films and Playgirl Film Production, is a playful one. The kink element of this material comes from things like shaving and three ways and interracial sex, never from rough stuff or bondage and as such it has a very lighthearted feel to it. For lack of a cornier term, this stuff is just plain fun.

    Sure it’s dated and there’s all manner of seventies fashions and furniture to snicker at but sex has always been a pleasure in life and that comes across in this material. On top of that, all the girls are completely natural here, a nice change from modern day material where implants and other augmentation runs rampant, and the guys are almost always sporting rad disco dude moustaches! You get the impression that Weiss didn’t have to do much to get these folks to fuck on camera, as they’re all very obviously into the spirit of things and enjoying themselves quite a bit, which always translates into a more enjoyable home viewing experience.

    So what will you find tucked away within the English language confines of this second volume of Danish sleaze, compiled for your viewing please one a well encoded Region 2 PAL DVD release? I’m glad you asked…

    After The Party: Our first loop features two ladies and a dude hanging out on a leather couch set enjoying some cocktails. The brunette makes the first move and then the blonde moves in. they take turns on his dong and everyone gets well taken care of. The girls are just as into one another as they are our mustachioed hero.

    Anal Satisfaction: Two girls roast wieners over a fireplace and then bust out some dildos to DP one another. Two dudes show up and the girls bang them and there’s a whole lot of butt sex going on.

    Big Date: A blonde gal with shaggy hair hangs out on a pretty nifty rocking chair covered in what would appear to be the fur of a wooly mammoth. She makes out with a dude with a bowl cut and a moustache who seems to really dig her boobs. Clothes come off and they go at it for a while. The curtains in the background are heavy on orange hues. For some reason this stands out.

    Birthday Sex: There’s a spread of all sorts of snacks laid out for someone’s birthday but only a lone lady there to enjoy them. She shuffles things around and lights some candles and then a guy with flowers shows up. Then a few other guests arrive. People start sitting on one another’s laps and drinking and then hands head down pants and the screwing starts. This turns into an orgy pretty quickly and the girl who may or may not be celebrating her birthday gets in on a lot of this. One girl has yellow fishnets. Those aren’t something you see every day. Black ones, sure, but yellow? Hey, it works for her.

    Burning Arse: This is definitely the best title on this compilation! A blonde guy is at a shitty restaurant with a blonde lady and a brunette. The blonde lady has really big teeth, he pours some wine while the brunette takes her clothes of. Buddy enjoys a smoke while the naked lady diddles and then that the blonde isn’t a natural blonde at all. Dude gets it on with the two ladies one at a time and then it turns into a group affair.

    Office Sex: A man with a pipe wonders who the real cannibals are and then notices that his secretary is pretty hot. They start making out and he takes her clothes off and boffs her on his desk. Then another chick who may or may not be a secretary comes in and he boffs her too. They get in on some three way action and the one gal leaves her knee high pleather boots on, which is a nice touch.

    Picnic: A group of beatniks in a VW van pull up on the side of a highway. They unload some gear and wander into the woods, lay down a blanket and put out a spread. They drink some beer and eat some hot dogs and then one girl decides a hot dog could be her new best friend. As she’s screwing herself with it the other girl says ‘hey that looks like fun’ so she screws herself with a hot dog too. The two guys just sort of sit there and continue drinking beer while the girls enjoy self pleasure. Eventually the guys are like, hey, we have wieners too, please take care of them and then they have group sex.

    Pleasant Interruption: A blonde guy and a blonde gal sit on a couch and sip what we can only assume to be fine porter. Or maybe sherry. Either way, it’s a fancy cocktail. He takes his shirt off and she follows suits and then they play a dice game – that’s why the clothes are coming off! Soon enough they’re both naked and they have sex on that really nice looking couch.

    Served Black: A dark haired girl licks a hot dog and then a black guy with a head dress shows up. He puts mustard on his dong and she smiles. Then he slips his dong into a hot dog bun. She goes to town on him and then he responds in kind and uses a hot dog on her. There’s a lot of hot dog sex on this DVD, which is kind of weird. Is that popular in Denmark? Eventually he pulls the pork product out and porks her with his product and then it ends.

    The Negro And The Maid: Subtle title, right? A white maid finds a hunky black dude and goes down on him in the kitchen. Another white chicks shows up and is all into this so she helps out. The black dude bones the two white chicks but really they do almost all of the work here. He just kinda lies there and lets them go to town on him.

    Triangle Sex: Last but not least… a Playhouse Films production of ‘Triangel Sex.’ That’s how it’s spelled. Two dues hang out on a street corner and look at things. A pretty girl in a short skirt and knee high white boots shows up and they grab her and pull her into an alley and then into a room where they tie her up. From there they take turns raping her, then they untie her and retire her in a few different positions and rape her some more. Once they finish raping they wander away. THE END.

    All in all, this is a great collection of vintage fuck films for the porno fan in your household. Shot with an eye for sexy talent and provocative compositions and with a very obvious air of enjoyment about it all, this collection will tighten your pants and make you giggle at the same time. Watch it with someone you love have fun with it – here’s hoping future volumes in this series are released sooner rather than later.


    Pink Flamingo’s disc doesn’t say what elements were used for this transfer but whether they were negatives or prints doesn’t really matter because these shorts look beautiful on this DVD. There are a few that look a little worse for wear and some emulsion scratches and heavy damage obviously couldn’t be completely removed but by and large the fullframe transfers are clean, colorful and very detailed. All vintage smut should look this good!

    These shorts were shot without sound but there is a soundtrack put overtop of the material courtesy of composer Alex Puddo. It sounds clean, clear and appropriately bouncy and it suits the material well presented here in Dolby Digital 2.0.

    Extras are slim, limited only to film selection and a text piece advertising the soundtrack which is for sale from Schema Records and some text screens that are essentially liner notes from Nicolas Barbano. These provide some welcome background information on Freddy Weiss, discuss the history of his career and make a good case for the importance of his work within the context of the Danish adult film industry and the adult film industry at large.

    The Final Word:

    The Golden Age Of Danish Pornography Volume Two is an enjoyable collection of Scandinavian XXX loops. None of this stuff is deep but it’s generally fairly enjoyable sleaze, most of it is pretty playful and you’ve got to dig the period dress and décor on full display. The DVD from AWE isn’t stacked with extras but it presents the material in decent shape and completely uncut. If you’re into this stuff, you can’t go wrong here.