• A Foreign Girl In Paris

    Released by: Alpha France
    Released on: July, 2014.
    Director: Burd Tranbaree
    Cast: Richard Allan, Dominique Aveline, Jane Baker, Hélène Shirley, France Lomay
    Year: 1981
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    The Movie:

    Directed by Claude Bernard-Aubert (under his prolific Burd Tranbaree adult film alias), Alpha France’s 1981 production of A Foreign Girl In Paris begins in the same apartment that almost the entirety of The Nymphomaniacs was shot in a year earlier. Maybe it was Burd’s pad. Either way, the films are unrelated and here we meet a man named Robert (a very bearded Richard Allan) who watches his pretty dark haired wife (Hélène Shirley) pack her bags for a flight. He doesn’t want her to leave without saying goodbye, and by saying goodbye he means giving him a blowjob. She obliges and after that they screw on top of her suitcase!

    After he drops her off at the airport, he swings by the park and meets a foxy blonde tourist named Dominique (Jane Baker). Here for only a short time she tells him that she has come to Paris for one reason only, and that’s to make love. When the cat’s away, the mice will play, right? Robert decides to show her around town and take advantage of her libidinous desires and soon enough he’s driving her through a forest ripe with hookers! While two approach him, he only hires one (Laura Clair) to hop into the car and before you know it, she and Dominique are putting on quite a show. Once he’s ready to take over he hands the hooker a bill, tells her to keep the change and then takes on the visiting tart himself.

    From here they voyage around the city of love, stopping off at a fancy restaurant and then later a night club where Dominique complains that the strip show didn’t have ‘enough eroticism’ for her liking. She fixes this by giving the piano player head and then putting on a show of her own for the patrons of this fine establishment (which is decorated almost entirely in purple and orange). Although there’s a piano player there, understandably playing a piano, there’s no actual piano music on the soundtrack. Puzzling. At any rate, Robert and Dominique have a few more erotic encounters together, including a good one with a maid (France Lomay), but then, his wife is going to be home soon, isn’t she….?

    This film moves along at a good pace and while it doesn’t have a whole lot going on in terms of actual character development, it maintains an enjoyably light and playful mood throughout. The sex scenes are, in typical Alpha France fashion, quite nicely shot and while there’s an inordinate amount of emphasis put on the oral side of things, Tranbaree still manages to put a decent variety into the movie by way of switching things up each time with different performers and locations.
    The cast are all in fine form here. Baker does most of the work as outside of the opening husband/wife scene, she’s in every other one. She’s spirited, enthusiastic, easy on the eyes and quite well cast as the female lead. Allan is kind of goofy here, but he takes control of things and plays a ringmaster of sorts as he guides his new friend around the side of Paris that most tourists aren’t going to know about. France Lomay is always fun to watch, this movie is no exception in that regard, and Hélène Shirley’s character adds to the playful side of the story and also ups the heat factor a bit as well.


    TLA Video, through a deal with Alpha France, presents A Foreign Girls In Paris on MOD/DVD-R in non-anamorphic widescreen but the transfer does appear to be in the movie’s original aspect ratio. The image is a little soft but stable enough. Colors look okay, skin tones look appropriately natural and black levels are decent. There are times where some minor compression artifacts pop up but otherwise this is a decent enough presentation even if it isn’t going to blow you away.

    The disc includes English and French language Dolby Digital Mono tracks but there are no English subtitles provided for the French track. Dialogue is pretty clean here, clear enough that you shouldn’t have any issues understanding what’s being said. The score has decent range and presence to it as well.

    There are no extras on this disc.

    The Final Word:

    A Foreign Girl In Paris is breezy, sexy fun for grownups. It’s a fine showcase for Jane Baker’s considerable charms with a solid supporting cast and the type of strong production values and cinematography that continues to make the Alpha France titles popular with fans of vintage Euro-smut.

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      Todd Jordan -
      Only one thing needed to say in this whole review to sell me on it.Jane Baker.