• Lady Zorro #1

    Published by: Dynamite Entertainment
    Released on: July 16, 2014
    Writer: Alex de Campi
    Artist: Ray Villegas
    Cover artist: Joseph Michael Linsner
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    Zorro shows up at the door of the lovely Esperanza Borges, a woman inspired by Zorro when seeking vengeance for her family’s murder at the hands of soldiers. He needs to her work with a soldier in the Spanish army in order to recover an artifact stolen by the Germans from the Chumash: the tribe’s sacred Eagle Axe. Work with a solider?! Oh, that’s not easy for Esperanza to accept, since soldiers killed her husband and son right in front of her.

    She accompanies Hugo, the soldier she needs to work with, to a gala event at some mansion where the Eagle Axe is to be on display. She’s to steal it and go with Hugo to return it to the Chumash. She gets to the axe, but it would so happen that he who procured the axe form the tribe is someone she knows from her past. But before she can get to him, and kill him, she must get through his horribly nasty and sadistic wife Barbara. Anyone interested in a sexy evening gown sword fight? Yes we are.

    Lady Zorro is lucky to have the scribing talents of Alex de Campi to tell her first solo tale. Those unfamiliar with Ms. de Campi’s work need to wake the fuck up and pay attention. This first issue in hopefully a long run starts out with a story that quickly paints the character of Esperanza as a strong personality that takes no crap from men, and knows how to manipulate them. She’s got her opinions and convictions, but it is obvious quite quickly that she’s going to need to compromise some of her ideals to this mission to completion. de Campi’s dialogue is always top-notch, flowing naturally even with the mixture of English and Spanish, even if you don’t speak Spanish.

    Ray Villegas’s artwork is finely detailed and has a nice depth to it, and he draws the raven-haired beauty with the intention to titillate. In fact her draws every female in the book to titillate, and by titillate we mean he draws all his women in this issue with big tits. It’s tough not to take notice, and he even draws someone in the background groping a lady. Ray might have a boob fetish, and that’s in no way troublesome. With a cover supplied by fan favorite Joseph Michael Linsner (yeah, it’s sexy; how could it not be?), the first issue of Lady Zorro is cover to cover satisfaction.