• Perversion Of A Young Bride

    Released by: Alpha France
    Released on: September 9th, 2014.
    Director: Claude Bernard-Aubert (as Burd Tranbaree)
    Cast: Danièle Azzalini, Brigitte Lahaie, Ghislain Van Hove
    Year: 1978
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    The Movie:

    This one is known under a few titles - Excès pornographiques, Perversion d'une jeune mariée, French Blues and Perversion Of A Young Bride – and was directed for Alpha France in 1978 by the prolific dirty movie director Claude Bernard-Aubert under his adult film alias, Burd Tranbaree.

    When the movie begins, a man named Frederic (Ghislain van Hove) and his lady friend (Danièle David) are doing the deed. They finish up and he gets ready – he’s going off to meet his fiancé! It turns out he’s to marry Marie-Christine (Brigitte Lahaie) and so the two of them head over to her place. She’s not there yet but her maid Joelle (Jenny Feeling) is there to tend to them. She hands them a scrapbook that is essentially a photo album detailing four of Marie-Christine past carnal encounters. While Marie-Christine isn’t there to elaborate on them, Danièle, who the bride-to-be’s best friend, knows all about them.

    So with that setup out of the way, we travel back in time to the first encounter in which a man named Alban (Thierry de Brem) arrives to take her on. Her maid takes care of the warm up before he moves on to the main event. In the second encounter a rough guy named Bruno (Alban Ceray) shows up and makes Marie-Christine blow him while the maid makes sandwiches and then comes back to hold candles. Marie-Christine and the made switch places and then she holds the candles while he hops on her. Nothing really ever comes of the candles and the lights aren’t even really turned off but whatever. After that, Marie-Christine and a friend (Mandarine) are handing out trying on some fancy new dresses. The mood hits and Marie-Christine puts the moves on her pal resulting in some quality girl on girl action, and then some girl on girl on girl action as the maid gets in on things too. The fourth encounter sees Marie-Christine and Danièle having a four way with two dudes only for Marie-Christine to take a back seat and let her friend do all of the work.

    With the flashbacks out of the way, Marie-Christine comes into the room where the others have been reading her book. She’s dressed in white and followed by the characters from the book they’ve all been ogling – and then everyone gathers around as Marie-Christine ties the knot with Frederic… and then they orgy like it’s going out of style.

    Far from the best Alpha France film to hit the silver screens of Parisian theaters in 1978, this one is primarily worth watching for the presence of the stunning Lahaie who factors into almost every scene in the film. The rest of the ladies aren’t as attractive or as inspired in front of the camera, but Ms. Lahaie does get a whole lot of screen time here.

    As far as the plot goes? This one isn’t quite as much fun as some of the others in the line have been. There’s not a whole lot of humor here and although some of the dubbing is amusing (Bruno sounds like Abe Vigoda for some reason) there just isn’t as much ‘fun’ being had on camera as you might. In typical Alpha France fashion, however, the production values are good even if the men all wear the same tuxedo costume and the whole thing basically takes place in two different rooms. The camera work is solid and the lighting pretty decent. The score tends to be on the repetitive side, heavy on simple keyboard cues more than anything else. This isn’t an awful movie by any stretch, but neither is it top tier output from everyone’s favorite French filth merchants.


    TLA Video, through a deal with Alpha France, presents Perversion Of A Young Bride on MOD/DVD-R in 1.66.1 non-anamorphic widescreen, which would appear to be the movie’s original aspect ratio. The image is a little soft but stable enough though there are times where the blacks get muddy and contrast blooms. Colors look okay but there are some minor compression artifacts here and there. This is perfectly watchable, but not a particularly remarkable transfer.

    The disc includes an English language Dolby Digital Mono track as well as a French language option but no subtitles to accompany it. The dialogue is pretty muffled on the English track and there are times where it is hard to understand, so be prepared to adjust the volume up and down throughout the movie. Some minor hiss creeps into the mix at times as well.

    No extras on the disc at all.

    The Final Word:

    Worth seeing primarily for the lovely and talented Brigitte Lahaie, Perversion Of A Young Bride offers up plenty of bumping and grinding nicely shot with a decent cast but falls short in the humor and story departments. The film has its moments but never really catches fire the way the best of these films tend to. Entertaining enough, just not essential.