• Die Nichten Der Frau Oberst

    Released by: Ascot Elite
    Released on: August 12th, 2014.
    Director: Erwin C. Dietrich
    Cast: Karin Gambier, Brigitte Lahaie, Eric Falk
    Year: 1980
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    The Movie:

    Directed by Erwin C. Dietrich in 1980, Die Nichten Der Frau Oberst (also known as Come Play With Me 2 –though it has nothing to do with the famous Mary Millington film at all - and as Secrets Of A French Maid) stars top billed Karine Gambier (credited as Simone Sanson) as the titular Frau Oberst, a very wealthy woman in charge of her large estate where she hosts her two nieces: Julie (Brigitte Lahaie) and Florentine (Pascale Vital). While Oberst is no angel, Julie and Florentine take things to another level in terms of their perpetual horniness and need to get laid!

    Oberst realizes this and rather than turn up her nose at the two lovely young ladies, she decides she will help them find the best men around to take care of their needs… and maybe some women too. As Oberst starts cruising for hunks, she decides to indulge in quite a bit of hanky-panky herself, be it with a man who kind of looks like Ringo Starr out painting or in a cornfield (where she takes on a corncob in a rather unorthodox manner) or entertaining a beefy and equally bleach blond male suitor (Dietrich regular Mike Montana from the Six Swedes movies among others). Meanwhile the two maids are getting in on the action themselves. Just as it seems that everyone in the estate has had sex with everyone else, The Marquise (France Lomay) shows up, a party is thrown and the two horny nieces announce their wedding plans!

    There’s not much of a story to this one, it’s really just a series of very nicely shot softcore (but sometimes only barely) sex scenes all handled with an attractive cast of Dietrich regulars and filmed on lavish, ornate locations. Dietrich’s penchant for filming things outdoors is on full display here, the scene with Gambier and the corncob being the most obvious, and some recycled music will add some unintentional amusement for specific viewers. The plot, such as it is, sees Gambier’s character coming out of her shell sexually thanks to the promiscuity demonstrated by her two ‘younger’ (all three actresses were in the same ball park, age-wise!) nieces but honestly, you know very early on that Frau Oberst likes to get laid just as much as the other two. We get a few fun diversions with the sexy chambermaids (Nadine Pascal and Cathy Stewart) now and again to pad things out but yeah, you’re not going to come to this one for edge of your seat suspense or compelling human drama.

    What you will get, however, is plenty of skin. Each and every one of the ladies cast in this picture is a genuine all natural looker, so fans of any of the actresses featured in this film will no doubt appreciate all of the birthday suit action it contains. Lahie, Gambier and Vital get most of the screen time but the other ladies all get at least one scene each. As far as the male cast members go, as mentioned the uber-blonde Mike Montana appears here and yeah, Eric Falk pops up too for a great scene with Ms. Lahiae that takes place in one of Dietrich’s favorite places to film a fuck scene – a horse stable! Throw in plenty of nice costumes, the aforementioned lavish locations and some genuinely fantastic camerawork and this one turns out to be a lot of good, sexy fun. Deep? No, but a very playful and enjoyable sex film that fans of European softcore smut and Dietrich’s pictures in particular should definitely enjoy.


    Die Nichten Der Frau Oberst arrives on Blu-ray from Ascot Elite in AVC encoded 1080p high definition framed at 1.85.1 widescreen. This is a decent upgrade compared to the DVD release that also came from Ascot Elite some years back. The elements used for the transfer were in very nice shape and there isn’t much in the way of serious print damage to complain about at all. Grain is obvious but never distracting and there are no issues with noise reduction or edge enhancement at all. Detail is quite strong throughout the movie but sometimes the colors look just a little bit flat and a little bit faded. Black levels are closer to a really dark grey than a true black, but they’re not bad. Skin tones are natural and warm looking and texture is pretty good too.

    Audio options are provided German and English DTS-HD 5.1 Master Audio as well as German Dolby Digital 2.0 Mono, there are no subtitles provided. The English audio here is fine, really only spreading out the score and keeping most of the other bits of the mix up in the front and center channel. No issues with any hiss or distortion to note and the levels are well balanced.

    The main extra on the disc is the inclusion of the 1968 version of Die Nichten Der Frau Oberst that comes complete with a thirty-second video introduction from Claus Tinney (who acted in the film). It’s presented in AVC encoded 1080p high definition and framed at 2.35.1 with audio options provided in French and German Dolby Digital 2.0 Mono. Unfortunately there’s no English audio nor are there any English subtitles provided. Without an English option it’s tough to go into too much detail about the story but it is safe to say that this one seems to be played a little more seriously than the latter version and that it is far less graphic in its depictions of sexuality. This would seem to have been released with an English option under the alternate title Guess Who’s Coming For Breakfast, or so says the IMDB. Heidrun Hankammer from 2069: A Sex Odyssey and from Joe Sarno’s The Devil’s Plaything pops up in it as do a few other familiar faces. Kai Fischer plays Frau Oberst in this one.

    Available as an alternate audio commentary track over the 1980 version of the movie is an audio commentary track with Erwin C. Dietrich, Eric Falk and film historian Uwe Huber. It’s in German without any English subtitles or audio options, so we can’t really comment on it unfortunately.

    From there we move on to the first featurettes on the disc, Die Nichten Des Herrn Dietrich, which clocks in at eight-minutes and twenty-seconds and is an on-camera interview with Eric Falk and Erwin C. Dietrich. Thankfully, it has English subtitles so we can hear all about how Falk loved Lahaie’s breasts, and everything else about her too. He calls this film ‘a merry go round of lust,’ details some of the ways he approached women during these years and how he worked out a lot and worked on his book during his spare time. He spends a fair bit of time talking about how great naked ladies are while Dietrich talks about the different actresses that he worked with and how Lahaie was, for him, the greatest. He talks about how these days she works in radio, how it was always a joy to work with her and how she wondered why they never wanted her to do hardcore films for them. Falk calls this ‘a waste of great pussy.’ They then go on to talk about the visuals, how nicely shot the outdoor scenes are, the dangers of working with actors on LSD, and how Dietrich would like to get the other one hundred and forty films he produced onto Blu-ray (at the time of this interview only ten had made it to the format)! The interview closes out with Falk talking about how he sees everything as part of a cosmic formula and how women are his destiny while Dietrich kind of just looks confused. It’s a great piece. Eric Falk should be interviewed for every movie ever made, whether he was in it or not.

    The disc also includes a lengthy twenty-five minute featurette entitled Peter Baumgartner, Filmkameramann (worth watching even with the language barrier for the plethora of behind the scenes photos) that also appeared on the Gefangene Frauen disc, this time with subtitles. This is a really interesting look back at Peter Baumgartner’s career behind the camera working on plenty of different projects over the years. Here he talks about the influence of Italian art films, his first meeting with Erwin C. Dietrich, cutting his teeth on Sexy Baby (the first feature he worked on), how he occasionally directed some scenes on the movies he worked on as well as what it was like working with some of the cast members that appeared in the pictures he was involved with, Klaus Kinski being one of them. He also talks about acting alongside Lina Romay and making films for Dietrich with Karine Gambier and Brigitte Lahaie. Lucky bastard.

    There’s a third subtitled featurettes included here too, entitled Claus Tinney – Von Nichten Und Neffen. This runs just over six minutes and here Tinney talks about how he got into acting, how he took a fee for his acting instead of a percentage of the profits (and how he now regrets this as it would have made him a millionaire), some of the actresses he worked with on the picture and more. He also speaks about how actress Kai Fischer played Frau Oberst very well in the original version, how she threw a massive party in her apartment with roasted chicken(!) and how Peter Baumgartner did great work behind the camera even if the two of them had a rift over a woman during the time they were making this film.

    Aside from that, we get a trailer for the both versions of the feature, trailers for a few other Erwin C. Dietrich titles available on Blu-ray from Ascot-Elite (Ich – Ein Groupie, Die Sklavinnen, Jack The Ripper, Downtown, Die Stewardessen and Die Teuflishcnen Schwestern), a still gallery, menus and chapter selection.

    Once again, for the BD-Rom equipped, if you pop the disc into your drive you’ll have access the same thirty-six page text interview with Dietrich from an issue of a German fanzine called Splatting Image and the rare one hundred and ninety seven page book on Dietrich’s films, Mädchen, Machos und Moneten: die unglaubliche Geschichte des Schweizer Kinounternehmers Erwin C. Dietrich. It’s all in German but these are nice additions to the release (and duplicated on all of the discs in the line so far). Additionally, the Blu-ray case fits inside a lenticular slipcover that basically features the same artwork.

    The Final Word:

    Ascot Elite have really rolled out the red carpet for the Blu-ray debut of Erwin C. Dietrich’s Die Nichten Der Frau Oberst. The audio and video presentation is a nice upgrade over the previous DVD release and while not all of the extras are English friendly, it’s unfair to fault a European release for that – let’s just be thankful that the featurettes do have subs and prove to be very interesting. As to the movie itself? It’s a veritable Euro-sex classic that finds Gambier and Lahaie in fine form and surrounded by a great supporting cast. A fine mix of sex, humor and really classy camerawork makes this one a real kick and this disc comes very highly recommended to anyone with an interest in the feature.

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