• Ghosted #13

    Published by: Image Comics
    Released on: Sept. 10, 2014

    This issue starts right up with Jackson meeting the voodoo witch that’s his biggest fan, allowing him to ask about this supernatural stuff that won’t let him alone - the same stuff that qualifies him as the “common denominator” with everything the feds want investigated.


    To the witch Jackson is a mystery she just can’t solve. To demonstrate, she grabs one of the many voodoo dolls of him she has hanging in her room and dramatically stabs it in the heart. Jackson, of course, is unhurt, completely unphased by the attack. King mocks the feasibility of this - until she stabs his in the knee and he collapses in pain. She knows something is guarding Jackson but who and why remain as unanswered for her as they do for Jackson and his “protecting” ghost, Anderson.

    Creed brings them all back on track to the task at hand, stating that a number of people claiming to be haunted by ghosts have recently been admitted to Bellevue. So King drives Jackson and Nina to near the hospital, allowing Jackson (and, of course, Anderson) to break in and see what they can find out. Once inside they overhear the night guards talking about the recent admission of a woman claiming her stalker’s ghost was haunting her. They move on and find the big room with these patients soon enough who immediately begin screaming at their appearance.

    Jackson gets Anderson to detail what she sees. She confirms these people are haunted but by something else, red beings (where she is blue) that really look dead. She also sees Danny Trick’s name and an ace of spades. That’s enough for Jackson and they beat a hasty retreat to King’s car, knowing where they need to head next. As Jackson explains, that symbol is a beacon to a select few, leading him through a series of exclusive, secret clubs and contacts until they find the “Death card,” the ace of spades.

    That’s code for a magic black-market that’s constantly on the move. For now, it’s in an old church. Jackson walks right up and is greeted warmly by the bouncer who lets them in. Jackson cautions them about the place and what goes on there, with both King and Nina not really liking any of this. But this is Jackson’s world and he tells them they’d better get used to it. Shortly, they find Danny Trick going by his name of Damian Charon and Jackson’s able to find out what he’s been up to, sort of…

    Before they can leave and get a full debrief Danny says he just has to offload some amazing magic candles he just stole from some clients. Anderson recognizes the candles immediately as the items she had investigated back when she was alive. She also realizes that those bring trouble with them, mainly from the mage militia who make them. Just then it’s that group that invades the Death House and quickly captures Danny, none too pleased with him. But Jackson speaks up, saying the kid’s with him, while Anderson is relishing the opportunity to settle an old score with these hillbillies…

    Joshua Williamson sets the tone for the creepy and supernatural fun right from the get-go, keeping the central character mysterious but, now, back in his own element, free to be himself. It’s quite well paced and entertaining here, with Davide Gianfelice’s artwork holding up its end of the bargain quite well. Get in on this one now!