• Wasteland #57

    Published by: Oni Press
    Released on: Sept. 10, 2014

    Part five of the Ash & Debris story opens just prior to the massive cataclysmic event that caused “the Big Wet,” the primary apocalyptic event spurring on this entire series.


    A cable news channel is doing a live report from Yellowstone which has been trembling with greater force recently. Underneath it is a massive magma chamber and should Yellowstone properly erupt it could destroy a huge chunk of North America.

    Their report then moves to social media which is trying to find the connection of the simultaneous deaths of several women at the exact same time the previous morning. As the anchorwoman reads the story, we see “Adam” awaken in the test facility in Nevada, none too pleased by the situation.

    Suddenly, the reporter at Yellowstone cuts in over her reading as a new, massive tremor begins and the reporter is terrified. They try to go back to his feed just as Adam apparently triggers the massive eruption. Meanwhile, lead Adam project scientist Dr. Jim Lawrence’s son lands at the Minneapolis airport and sees the dire news. He calls his dad immediately and has to leave a message. As he does so, the panels detail what’s actually happen at “ground zero.” Adam is destroying the facility with his super-powers and not leaving many alive that he encounters - including Dr. Jim Lawrence and the military presence at the site…

    Time shifts then to Michael, Abi and Thomas investigating the site well into the future. Michael’s not doing well as he’s seeing all this transpire before him. The psychic burden is massive but, thankfully, Abi is a nurse and she heals him, brings him back from the brink. But then they’re all left to ask how these events led to The Big Wet and to their current existence.

    Back in our time and two jets fly toward the project site to investigate. A voice comes over their communications, though, telling them to turn back, to leave him and the children alone. One of the jets is also destroyed as an example. The surviving pilot relates this tale to his commanders who plan on going in full force. But Adam is a force beyond reckoning and rebuffs their huge attack with a saddened ease.

    After he’s destroyed all those troops Adam notices the symbol marking the opening of the test facility and marks it into his own body for remembrance. He then tends to his “children,” saving the healthy ones and choosing to deal with the “abominations” later as they need to get a move on.

    Suddenly, though, all over the world, more “Adams” appear, asking the humans the same question, “Where is our brother?” That can’t be good…

    Writer Antony Johnson’s story keeps moving in fascinating ways and this action-packed installment is no exception. The continually-evolving back stories of these characters keeps you turning each page and picking up each next issue excitedly. Christopher Mitten’s artwork is stark but very expressive, the black-and-white at times feeling almost like cave paintings, with a certain primal energy to them. Together, this is just hands-down one of the best series in comics today and well worth picking up.