• Bob’s Burgers #2

    Published by: Dynamite Comics
    Released on: Sept. 24, 2014

    Following up on the same multi-story structure of the first issue the latest installment of the comic-version of Bob’s Burgers is a little bit of a retread but is still damn entertaining stuff.


    Like the previous issue, the first starts off focusing on eldest child, Tina, in Tina’s Erotic Friend Fiction Presents: Battleship Galac-Tina. Tina is, of course, the admiral aboard a vessel that bears her likeness. In the midst of explaining the unused dance hall on the ship to two boys the ship is attacked by the robot fleet. One-eyed Colonel Gene gives her the status report and she immediately commands their own titan fleet to launch. Headed by and appearing like the bunny-ear-wearing Louise, the epic space battle commences.

    That is, until Tina sees one robot ship moving rhythmically in the battle. So she orders Louise to bring that one in for questioning, something Tina will handle alone. In the dance hall that’s now a holding cell, she meets the robot version of Jimmy Jr. He, of course, knows this place as a dance hall but Tina is dismissive of a robot’s ability to dance, lacking a soul and all. But his soul is in his dance and he can read her body so they dance a spicy tango together perfectly. Gene and Louise come upon this and think the robot is attacking Tina so they rush to her defense.

    But Tina sees that the robots aren’t the enemy, that they are just an old human creation that evolved and that humanity then ignored. She establishes a peace accord with the robots then and hosts a celebratory human-robot dance. Col. Gene wonders if this is working since no one is dancing but Tina takes the lead and, along with robot Jimmy Jr., they join in dance again and show everyone else how it can turn to true love.

    That tale is followed again by Bob’s Burger of the Day Ideas, a one-page list from cook/father/business owner Bob Belcher. The theme for this month’s items is the 10 Commandments, with a total of 5 listed (naturally) plus a “bonus burger,” consisting of “the 10 Condiments.”

    Louise is up next with Louise’s Unsolved Mysteries & Curious Curiosities Presents: Louise’s Legacy. She is “updating” a world history library book with her own thought bubbles and captions for the pictures inside it when she stumbles across one that she did not create. Shocked, she goes to the library to demand to see who else checked out that book, in order to find who’s responsible.

    But the librarian, Mr. Ambrose, says that information is confidential and refuses her request. Louise is undaunted, though, so at Tina’s suggestion she returns the book to the library and then stakes it out. Day after day after day, she watches for someone to come back and reclaim it, catching them in the act. But when nothing happens Louise finally loses it and throws the book down in frustration.

    However, doing that reveals that there’s been another update in the book, one she did not do! But since she’s been watching it intently for days the only other person in the library that could be responsible is...Mr. Ambrose! She confronts him and he confesses before her huge, dramatic reveal. They reach a detente, where they’ll now share defacing duties of the book from there out.

    Letters from Linda returns, this time addressed to the Dumpster Divas Waste Management group. Her idea for a raccoon-friendly “Waste World” is certainly creative, especially as - to her - it will lead to the inevitable reality TV show.

    The issue wraps up like last time, with a musical from Gene called Genemadeus the Musical. In it, Gene takes on the “Salieri” role as he’s upset by the easy, sudden success of rival keyboard player Peter Pescadero. Gene then shows up in the masked costume, commissioning a paid songwriting gig of Peter. But his plan is to take all the credit for Peter’s new song for himself!

    Peter is very tired and wants a nap but Gene keeps pushing him as the song is progressing. Gene also tells everyone at court that he’s working on a new song that will blow them all away. But when Peter falls into a deep sleep without finishing the song, Gene is left to his court appearance all on his own.

    So, Gene improvises in front of the crowd, saying that the song he’d promised is taking longer than expected. He then begins a new tune on the spot that climaxes with multiple fart noises. But no one is impressed and they all leave him alone, causing Gene to reflect on his bad decision to try and take credit for someone else’s work.

    Entertaining but with stories not nearly as funny as the first issue, this latest entry in the series echoes the TV show in that way - some episodes are just clearly funnier than others. But, taken overall, it’s still amusing, creative and a fun new way to see more of these great characters. The writers and artists are pretty much the same from the first issue so perhaps they’re just getting used to a comic book-style of grind for output? In any event, it’s still worth picking up for fans of any level of the show.