• Rock! Shock! Pop! At The New York City Comic Con - Part Two - TOY TOUR!

    Following up on yesterday’s post in which we basically just walked the floor, this second installment of our four part coverage of the 2014 New York Comic Con is going to focus on one thing and one thing only… TOYS! And hot damn are there a lot of them at the show this year, some of which are being shown for the first time, some of which are show exclusives and some of which are still being worked on. As you’ll see as you scroll through, there are toys of all kinds – licensed properties, original properties, new, vintage, some meant for kids and some for adult collectors. It’s all here. So let’s get to it…

    Starting from The Block entrance, here we find some of the more esoteric ‘boutique’ toy makers. Are you in the market for some stuffed organs? That plush blue testicle you’ve always wanted is now ready for you to take him home!

    NYC shop Toy Tokyo had their booth set up along the back wall, it was packed all weekend.

    Plenty of other oddball vendors and distributors were set up here too…

    Spanish toy maker SD Toys had a booth set up displaying some of their licensed stuff, like this ridiculously realistic looking Stan Lee figure!

    They were also showing off Bettie Page and Blues Brothers figures alongside Steve McQueen, Charlie Chaplin and Marlon Brando from The Godfather!

    Heading into the main hall from the back, there were some vintage toy vendors set up, offering up everything from TMNT to Star Wars to GI Joe and everything in between.

    And then there was the amazing ARH Studios booth where they had some amazing Frazetta inspired sculpts on display alongside some other fantasy related stuff. Just amazing detail in these pieces, and they were big, colorful and insanely impressive!

    From there, we moved on over to the NECA booth where they were debuting all sorts of fantastic licensed stuff including some Simpsons celebrity cameo figures!

    They also have the Iron Maiden, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Friday The 13th, Alien, Predator, Planet Of The Apes, Batman, Misfits, Evil Dead, Rambo, Godzilla, Pacific Rim, Robocop and Halo licenses and they’re putting out some mindblowing product. BEHOLD!

    Toynami was showing off some of their stuff too – primarily Voltron and Robotech properties.

    And check out Godzilla!

    Star Ace Toys out of Hong Kong had a great Steve McQueen/Great Escape figure on display.

    Quantum Mechanix was showing off some of their great Firefly product too.

    The Triforce Booth was also impressive, displaying a lifesize Batman cowl and Green Arrow’s bow setup from Arrow.

    Moving through the main hall towards the main entrance way there are a few vendors set up there specializing in anime and kaiju related products, Bandai being one of them.

    Maybe you’ve always wanted a gigantic Judge Dredd Lawmaster figure? Pop Culture Shock has this thing ready to go and on display for the duration of the show (it ends today) and it is truly a thing of beauty. Fully sculpted and beautifully painted, this thing is huge and wonderful and completely kick-ass.

    Mezco also had some neat stuff on display, starting with some Sons Of Anarchy bobbleheads and figures…

    …and including some very cool Breaking Bad pieces and variants like exploded face Gus Fring!

    Mezco was also showing off their new line of Dark Knight Returns figures, each one in a real cloth costume and looking like it has just leaped off of one of Frank Miller’s pages.

    Mezco also had a great Judge Dredd figure at their booth too.

    Right across the aisle at the Previews booth were some weird ‘sexy’ Jason and Freddy figures.

    The UK’s Titan Comics, who now carry the Doctor Who license, had signings and exclusives going all weekend long. Here’s a look at one of their display cases featuring some mini-Who figures.

    And cruising through the last part of the main hall, our ‘toy tour’ comes to a close with Blacula, Herbert West, some Day Of The Dead and Return Of The Living Dead figures, a great The Day The Earth Stood Still set and last but not least, some gorgeous mint condition vintage Star Wars figures.

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