• Sex Nurses

    Sex Nurses
    Released by: Alpha France
    Released on: October, 2014.
    Director: Burd Tranbaree
    Cast: France Lomay, Richard Allan, Christel Loris, Karine Gambier, Richard Allan
    Year: 1979
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    The Movie:

    Directed by Claude Bernard-Aubert (as Burd Tranbaree), 1979’s Les suceuses has been known over the years under a few different names – Caballero released it domestically at one point as Young Head Nurses and Alpha France has issued it as Infirmières experts and as Infirmières a tout faire. It now lives again under the fool proof retitling as… Sex Nurses!

    The story, such as it is, follows two guys played by Alpha France’s stalwart woodsmen Richard Allan and Guy Royer as they attempt to investigate a small country hospital. What exact medical purpose this place serves is tough to say, but what is obvious is that the team of foxy nurses (Karine Gambier, Morgane, Cristel Lauris and France Lomay) on staff use their particular set of skills to get a rise out of the (mostly wheelchair-bound) male patients.

    When one man is admitted and taken to a room for special services, Richard Allan’s character hides under the table with a walkie-talkie and broadcasts the sexual happenings to Royer, who waits outside in the car. They’re busted but make their way into Paris with an address that they know is important to their work. They arrive there looking for a man named Leon but find only his horny wife (Elisabeth Buré) who takes the two into bed. As they double team her, they have no idea that the nurses are waiting on the other side of the door listening in. When the time is right, the nurses break in and use chloroform to knock the two guys out – and then they proceed with a whole lot of girl on girl on girl on girl action with the still unsatisfied missus.

    After this, the nurses and the investigators all drive back to the hospital where it’s time to wake the guys up. How? Oral sex first, followed by a kind of painful looking scene in which they wrap those blood pressure bands around their wangs and pump them until the dudes are in visible pain. From here, the plot dissolves pretty quickly into a few sex scenes until it all wraps up with one of the admitted patients having been cured of his erectile issues so that he can go out into this great big world and once again bone his wife. You’ve got to love a happy ending!

    Sex Nurses is just over an hour of completely brainless hardcore fun. The typically solid Alpha France production values make this a nice looking film that makes good use of a pretty authentic looking main location (the hospital) and decent costumes for the nurses, though they spend more time out of them than in them. The cinematography is pretty slick, framing both the sexual action and the more ‘narrative driven’ moments with plenty of style and the soundtrack, which uses everything from strange maraca-driven flamenco to bad jazz music, works in spite of itself.

    The real reason to watch this one, and this will surprise nobody, is the cast – particularly the female cast. Not only do we get the immortally lovely Karine Gambier (sans eyebrows, as would seem to be her trademark during this period of her career) in a big role but we get the equally beautiful France Lomay (she of the Six Swedes movies), looking extra foxy with longer than usual hair here, in an equally good role. Cristel Lauris is great as the head nurse and Morgane is here too. Throw in supporting work from Richard Allan, who is just generally funny to watch, Guy Royer with a bad perm and Dominique Aveline sporting a silly earring and funky chain in his opening scene and this is a fun watch.


    TLA Video, through a deal with Alpha France, presents Sex Nurses on MOD/DVD-R in letterboxed non-anamorphic widescreen. The image is pretty soft in the detail department and contrast is a bit overblown in some scenes. Typically though, colors look okay if occasionally a bit faded while skin tones look pretty natural. Black levels are closer to a dark grey than true black but this is perfectly watchable.

    The disc an English language audio track in Dolby Digital Mono and the dubbing here is pretty obvious though that tends to add to the fun. Dialogue is occasionally a bit muffled but more often than not it’s pretty clear and the score sounds quite good. There are no subtitles provided on the disc.

    There are no extras on this disc.

    The Final Word:

    Sex Nurses is light on plot but makes up for it with, umm… lots of sex and nurses. Never a bad thing, right? It’s got a pretty good sense of humor, it’s well made and nicely shot and it moves at a quick pace. The ladies in the cast definitely make this worth seeing.