• Nailbiter #8

    Published by: Image Comics
    Released on: Dec. 3, 2014
    Writer: Joshua Williamson
    Artist: Mike Henderson
    Cover artist: Mike Henderson
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    Based on a single word written on a page of the near-death Detective Carroll’s notebook, Finch makes his way to a local keeper of bees looking for whatever information he can find. And what he finds is a crotchety beekeeper who doesn’t know a thing about Carroll. He’s just a bee keeper. It’s a good for Finch that he’s got a real knack for getting information out of people and his persistence pays off. Well…sort of.

    On the other side of town Sheriff Crane has some trouble of her own to contend with, aside from the media and the snoopy FBI agent who’s keeping tabs on Finch. One of the murdered teenager’s dads has a beef with the way things are being handle concerning binging the guilty to justice and with bible in hand gets some townspeople to rally behind him.

    Finally we get back on track with this title, which seems to have taken a bit of a vacation the last two issues, and the pieces are being set for what should certainly be an exciting book next time around. There’s only a little peek at the Nailbiter this month, but it’s a good one. Maybe he didn’t kill those teenagers a few days back, but he certainly is up to something evil. His old girlfriend best watch her back.

    A much needed shot in the arm comes to the rescue in the form of issue #8. Williamson and Henderson (nice cover by the way, Mr. Henderson) have re-affirmed to this reader that they indeed do have an excellent series here and if you also found the latest couple issues to have been a disappointment don’t worry. Things get weirder and they will no doubt progress in that direction. Can’t wait until (if) Carroll comes out of his coma.