• SexWorld (Limited Edition)

    Released by: Vinegar Syndrome
    Released on: January 13th, 2015.
    Director: Sam Weston (as Anthony Spinelli)
    Cast: Lesllie Bovee, Kent Hall, Kay Parker, John Leslie Joey Silvera, Annetta Haven
    Year: 1978
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    The Movie:

    One of the late, great Sam Weston’s (aka Anthony Spinelli) most revered films, 1978’s SexWorld begins when a group of men and women from various walks of life board a bus bound for the titular resort. Once onboard, a guide with a goofy accent (Sean Desmond) fills them in – see, they’ve all sent in applications in hopes of being accepted to the exclusive SexWorld, a land where sexual fantasies are made into sexual realities – and obviously as they’re on the bus, they’ve been accepted.

    As we travel to the resort, we learn why some of them wanted to go: Lisa (Sharon Thorpe) used to use phone sex (and a blonde wig!?!) as a means of release but now needs something more – and she’ll find it after her arrival in an interracial session with Johnnie Keyes, who quite literally recreates his infamous scene from Behind The Green Door. A painter named Joan (Leslie Bovee) and her boyfriend Jerry (Kent Hall) have a strong and seemingly fun sexual relationship but she secretly harbors lesbian fantasies for her neighbor Marion (Abigail Clayton) – at one point Joan tells us she has the most perfect pussy she’s ever seen! Jerry just wants to bang two chicks at the same time, and he’ll get his chance with Linda (Amber Hunt) and Jo (Carol Tong). Meanwhile an older woman named Millicent (Kay Parker) struggles to keep the spark alive with limp-dicked husband Ralph (Jack Wright). When her attempts at oral stimulation can’t get a rise, it’s off to SexWorld they go where she’ll get boned and rough housed by a guy with huge balls as per her request (Joey Silvera credited as Joey Civera!) and he’ll work out his mommy issues with the kindly and cute Ann (Maureen Spring). A cocky, racist playboy named Roger (John Leslie) will wind up experiencing the joys of black love once SexWorld’s sexperts send a sexy soul sister named Jill (Desiree West, credited only as ‘Desireee’) – who he earlier rebuked on the bus ride in - to take care of him. A lesbian named Dale (Annette Haven) splits up with her girlfriend, Alex (Chris Cassidy), and winds up giving some manly love a shot in the form of a Latin lover named Tomas (Robert Ramos).

    Of course, as all of our participants live out their erotic dreams, we see both the good and the bad materialize in the ramifications of their actions, leading to a bit of fairly well played drama in between the various scenes of hardcore couplings.

    From the opening theme song to the featured décor and wardrobe, everything about SexWorld screams ‘1970s’ but that’s half of the film’s charm. Where else are you going to see a couple making mad, passionate love in a room painted with a giant bull, the word ‘BEEF’ and a painted bowl of chili surrounding them? And that’s at Joan and Jerry’s apartment, before they even get to the resort where technicians decked out in lab coats surrounded by weird looking computer equipment press colorful buttons and discuss in amusingly clinical terms how to best serve their clients. Another great example is the scene with Leslie and Desiree that takes place in a room clad in swirling red and black animal print wallpaper and decorated with wicker furniture Colors are bold, brash and very in your face while the bouncy score elevates the nicely shot sex scenes to sometimes almost surreal levels.

    The film was obviously meant to cash in on the success of Westworld and there is a science fiction slant to some of the film, but its only really there to exploit the title rather than enhance the storyline (without spoiling things, it plays a part only in the ending rather than in much of the activity leading up to it). The emphasis here is more on character development, something that Spinelli’s films typically do fairly well. The performances in the film compliment the script quite well, with Parker and Wright actually delivering some decent dramatic work here, particularly in their first encounter together – their marital difficulties resulting in an argument that is completely believable. John Leslie is quite amusing in his part and the scene he shares with the beautiful Desiree West is a stand out. The other interracial scene, the one with Keyes and Thorpe, is odd in that it really is Behind The Green Door redux, but it is, like the rest of the encounters, impressive in how it is shot and edited. Of course, throwing Annette Haven into the mix is always a good thing, her acting here is solid and she looks absolutely beautiful, with Abigail Clayton, Carol Tong and Leslie Bovee all looking fantastic and offering inspired performances here too.

    Slick, well made and very definitely made to be a ‘couples friendly’ style film SexWorld is very much a product of its time but manages to hold up very well by modern standards. Sure, some of the appeal will be its vintage but even outside of that aspect it’s a professionally put together film that proves both entertaining and genuinely steamy.


    SexWorld arrives on Blu-ray from Vinegar Syndrome in an AVC encoded 1080p high definition transfer ‘restored in 4k from the original 35mm negative and framed at 1.78.1 widescreen and God damn does it ever look good. The image is literally pristine, there is virtually no damage to note at all, while the picture retains a pleasingly film-like quality throughout. Grain is obvious without ever overpowering anything while detail impresses in virtually every frame. Colors are reproduced beautifully and black levels are rock solid throughout. Skin tones look lifelike and natural and there are no issues at all with any noise reduction or edge enhancement. Compression artifacts are a non-issue and this is just a fantastic looking picture in every regard.

    Audio chores are handled just fine by the movie’s DTS-HD Mono mix, in the film’s native English. Dialogue is easy to follow and properly balanced alongside the film’s score, which demonstrates good depth and more range than you might expect it to. That bouncy, disco-inspired opening theme song sounds great here.

    Extras on the disc start off with a sixteen minute on-camera interview with actress Kay Parker entitled The Birth Of A Legend. Here the actress talks about how she became involved with the film and how Weston cautioned here to really think on her decision to get into the XXX rated business. She then goes on to talk about her working relationship with the director and with many of the cast members she was involved with in this production. Also quite interesting is a seven minute video interview with Joey Silvera. His memory isn’t as sharp but he recalls being talked into working on this film by Weston as well, what it was like rehearsing for the film (he tells an amusing anecdote about John Leslie here) and more. Still Photographer Joel Sussman also pops up on camera here to talk about his work on the picture for five minutes, talking about how he started off shooting softer material before moving on the full-fledged XXX material and how his life has taken a surprising turn since he became a father.

    Also included here is a lengthy four-minute theatrical trailer for the feature as well as a shorter teaser trailer, both of which rightfully play up the ‘all-star cast’ assembled for the production.

    A second disc includes the feature in its softcore variant in DVD format. The hardcore version runs 1:30:28 while the softcore cut clocks in at 1:28:42. It’s still pretty graphic but obviously omits the penetration footage and the more graphic after effects thereof and uses some alternate footage in their place. The DVD also includes the hardcore version as featured on the Blu-ray disc (albeit obviously in standard definition) and the same extras. Animated menus and chapter selection are included on both the Blu-ray and the DVD.

    A third disc includes the film’s complete soundtrack on CD (a really nice touch and a welcome addition to the supplements on this release). There are sixteen tracks in total on the disc and the sound quality is very strong – given that the soundtrack plays a big part in what makes this movie so much fun, the importance and value of its inclusion here is definitely a big selling point. The cover art insert is reversible with two different great painted poster art variations available.

    The Final Word:

    Vinegar Syndrome’s Blu-ray/DVD Combo Pack release of SexWorld (which is limited to 1500 pieces) is a fantastic presentation of a great film. The film manages to be both arousing and entertaining and it makes great use of a top notch cast. It’s also very well shot and often times quite funny. The transfer is pretty much perfect and the extras really help to round this one out nicely.

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      Lalala76 -
      VS certainly end 2014 start 2015 with a BANG!!! This release would have certainly figured in my top releases of the year.
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      Todd Jordan -
      [music] Sex! Woooorrrld.....go on a spree...The song has been in my head since this review was posted. Wont leave my brain.
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      Quote Originally Posted by Todd Jordan View Post
      [music] Sex! Woooorrrld.....go on a spree...The song has been in my head since this review was posted. Wont leave my brain.
      Haha. Yes it does tend to stay in your head for a while. I had the same with the Bee Gees "inspired" theme song to Candy goes to Hollywood.