• Six Swedes In Ibizia (Sechs Schwedinnen Auf Ibizia)

    Released by: Ascot Elite
    Released on: December, 2014.
    Director: Gérard Loubeau
    Cast: Olinka Hardiman, Marianne Aubert, Laura May
    Year: 1981
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    The Movie:

    The entry in ‘Six Swedes’ series of movies switches up the cast a bit but basically sticks to the formula that made the other three entries as popular and successful as they were – sexy gals doing sexy things, light comedy, and lovely travelogue footage.

    This time around we follow Lil (Olinka Hardiman) and her five friends – Greta (Marianna Aubert), Kerstin (Laura May), Kitty (Kitty Hilaire), Inga (Linda Orodnez) and Astrid (Marisa Gracia) – as they board a cruise ship and head out for a little vacation. The boat doesn’t offer a whole lot in the way of high-jinks save for a quickie in a cabin, but once they hit land, all bets are off and the girls are ready to cut loose. Those matching outfits – tight blue t-shirts and white tennis skirts to somehow indicate that they’re… school girls maybe? – are soon shed in favor of more appropriate attire, often times birthday suits!

    Soon after they land, however, they realize they don’t have any money and that they are going to have to get creative in order to come up with the funds they need to enjoy themselves. One of the girls has a hot and heavy lesbian affair with a foxy black chick, one goes into town to explore only to find sex in the back room of a shop, while others hit up a night club. Lots of people have lots of sex, but that black chick… she remains a focal point.

    Also known as More Desires Within Young Girls, this one has a sort of tropical sleaze/interracial taboo feel to it that almost makes it feel more in line with some of the sex films that Joe D’Amato was churning out around the same time than the other three ‘Six Swedes’ movies. Those other films stick to continental settings and keep things about as white as you can get – bonus points for director Gérard Loubeau (a prolific helmer of European soft and hardcore pictures such as Lady Libertine and Saint-Tropez Vice) for at least thinking outside the box a little bit.

    The HD version on this Blu-ray is the softcore cut, so the sex scenes never get as explicit as you might expect (see the extras for the silver lining to this issue), the hardcore cut of the film being the more common one. Preferences will vary, obviously, but the hardcore version doesn’t appear to use inserts, indicating that it was shot that way. The girls all look great here, with Olinka Hardiman (who pops up in all sorts of early eighties dirty movies made in France, often times alongside Marilyn Jess) leading the pack. She’s a fresh faced beauty in great shape and with lots of enthusiasm for her work, an enthusiasm that’s thankfully shared by the rest of the ladies in the cast as well. Add to that the lush cinematography and solid production values you’d expect if you’re familiar with the other films in the series and this one comes up a winner. It’s light on plot but heavy on sex appeal!


    Six Swedes In Ibizia arrives on Blu-ray from Ascot Elite in AVC encoded 1080p high definition framed at 1.85.1 widescreen. This is a decent upgrade compared to the DVD release that also came from Ascot Elite some years back. The elements used for the transfer were in very nice shape and there isn’t much in the way of serious print damage to complain about at all. Grain is obvious but never distracting and there are no issues with noise reduction or edge enhancement at all. Detail is quite strong throughout the movie but sometimes the colors look just a little bit flat and a little bit faded. Black levels are closer to a really dark grey than a true black, but they’re not bad. Skin tones are natural and warm looking and texture is pretty good too.

    Audio options are provided German and English DTS-HD 2.0 Master Audio with a Dolby Digital 2.0 track provided in Spanish. The English track here is pretty decent. Dialogue is well balanced and easy to understand and there are no issues with any hiss or distortion to note. The ‘horn heavy’ score sounds good and has decent range and presence.

    The main extra on the disc is the hardcore version of the feature which is presented with audio options in German DTS-HD 5.1 Master Audio and French Dolby Digital 2.0 with subtitles provided in English. This version of the movie clocks in at 1:21:10 and while it does appear to have a lossless track, the video is presented in non-anamorphic widescreen standard definition. The story is essentially the same but the added hardcore footage will no doubt certainly hold some appeal to certain viewers! The previous DVD release of the hardcore cut of the movie didn’t have an English language option on it so the fact that this one does is definitely a plus as well.

    Aside from that, we get a trailer for the the feature, trailers for a few other Erwin C. Dietrich titles (Die Nichten der Frau Oberst, Julchen Und Jettchen, Voodoo Passion, The Women In Cell Block 9, Downtown, Die Sklavinnen, Ich – Ein Groupie and Die Stewardessen) available on Blu-ray from Ascot-Elite, a still gallery, menus and chapter selection.

    Once again, for the BD-Rom equipped, if you pop the disc into your drive you’ll have access the same thirty-six page text interview with Dietrich from an issue of a German fanzine called Splatting Image and the rare one hundred and ninety seven page book on Dietrich’s films, Mädchen, Machos und Moneten: die unglaubliche Geschichte des Schweizer Kinounternehmers Erwin C. Dietrich. It’s all in German but these are nice additions to the release (and duplicated on all of the discs in the line so far). Additionally, the Blu-ray case fits inside a lenticular slipcover that basically features the same artwork.

    The Final Word:

    Six Swedes In Ibizia isn’t the funniest or the most entertaining of the run but it’s definitely got lots of sex appeal. It’s nicely shot, the cast are all game and the Blu-ray from Ascot Elite offers up a great transfer of the softcore cut in HD as well as an English friendly version of the XXX alternative, making this one that fans ought to appreciate.

    Click on the images below for full sized Blu-ray screen caps!

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    1. Lalala76's Avatar
      Lalala76 -
      Good review as always. These deserve to be seen in all their HD glory. This one I found looks particularly good in HD, due to the location.
    1. Nabonga's Avatar
      Nabonga -
      Just watched this one. Looked fantastic on Blu-Ray and was quite entertaining. I only wish the hardcore cut had been remastered as well, as it had some pretty hot scenes. Oh well, fun cheesy euro erotica fluff.
    1. Lalala76's Avatar
      Lalala76 -
      [QUOTE=Nabonga;147164]Just watched this one. Looked fantastic on Blu

      I think its actually my favourite of the Ibiza series even with the lack of Lahaie. It is certainly a toss up (pardon the pun) between this on the first one.
    1. Jason C's Avatar
      Jason C -
      With its unfortunate lack of Lahaie, I wasn't expecting to enjoy this much but was pleasantly surprised. Ended up switching to the HC cut early. Quite a few of the scenes are hot. Good stuff. Its a shame Ascot Elite isn't still going with these types of films.
    1. Lalala76's Avatar
      Lalala76 -
      Quote Originally Posted by Jason C View Post
      With its unfortunate lack of Lahaie, I wasn't expecting to enjoy this much but was pleasantly surprised. Ended up switching to the HC cut early. Quite a few of the scenes are hot. Good stuff. Its a shame Ascot Elite isn't still going with these types of films.
      The softcore cut is almost hardcore anyway. Its a shame though that ascot couldn't spend the money on restoring both versions. Still at least they provided subs for the h/c cut, and its very watchable.