• Strip Nude For Your Killer (Shameless)

    Released by: Shameless Films
    Released on: 10/27/2008
    Director: Andrea Bianchi
    Cast: Edwige Fenech, Nino Castelnuovo, Femi Benussi, Solvi Stubing, Franco Diogene, Erna Schuer
    Year: 1975
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    The Movie:

    If the title of the film doesn’t alert you to the sleaze factor contained in Strip Nude For Your Killer (directed by Andrea ‘This clothe smells like death’ Bianchi), the opening scene where a woman dies duing an abortion procedure will.

    From here we follow the lives of a group of people who are all intertwined through their work at a modelling/fashion photography studio. One by one these people are hunted down and sliced and diced by a maniac in a leather suit and a motorcycle helmet. But what is the motive? Why is the killer after these people? Carlo (Nino Castelnuovo), the top photographer at the agency, and his lady friend Magda (the always lovely Edwige Fenech) are intent on finding out just who is behind the rash of murders, and hopefully why.

    While the film lacks the intensity or sophisiticated visual flair of a Dario Argento giallo or the artistic murder set pieces of some of Mario Bava’s work, Strip Nude For Your Killer is still an entertaining film, even if it rests somewhere approximating the bottom of the barrel. The title of the film certainly implies a lot of sex and violence and it isn’t misleading, in fact, the plot seems to exist for the sole reason of stringing along the voyeuristic viewer bold enough to sit down with the film from one naked dead corpse to the next. While the plot isn’t exactly an engrossing affair, Bianchi seems to know this and makes up for it by piling on the sex, blood, and sleaze.

    The film does have some style, however, and while it isn’t as slick looking as the best that the genre has to offer, it’s not a bad looking film and it does make nice use of some interesting sets (the dark room of the photography studio) and copious amounts of bright colors. Edwige Fenech, who is frequently seen parading around in nothing but her birthday suit, looks great with her pixie cut hair do and while Nino Castelnuovo probably isn’t going to be an A-lister in Hollywood anytime soon, he proves capable of carrying the film and is up to the admittedly less than challenging dialogue and characterisations presented to him in the film.

    Don’t turn to this one for an intelligent movie or for a particularly well made movie. Turn to this one if you want a dumbed down slasher with lots of pretty naked ladies and some good kill scenes. If you expect much more from it you’ll likely find yourself disappointed but going into the movie with proper expectations finds that it’s an entertaining diversion and a bit of a guilty pleasure.


    Shameless’ 2.35.1 anamorphic widescreen progressive scan presentation looks nice and sharp with very good color reproduction and strong, deep black levels. There’s a nice level of both foreground and background detail and aside from a minute bit of film grain present and some mild specks here and there in some spots there isn’t really any major print damage. Mpeg compression artifacts are a non-issue and there aren’t really any problems with edge enhancement either. All in all, a pretty decent transfer.

    The English language Dolby Digital Mono soundtrack sounds fine. The dubbing hurts some scenes as the timing and voice matching is a bit odd, but from a technical stand point there’s nothing to complain about here. Dialogue is clean and clear and the track is free of any hiss or distortion. Levels are well balanced and the score sounds very nice on this DVD.

    Extras are limited to the film’s theatrical trailer and trailers for other Shameless DVD releases such as Watch Me When I Kill, Oasis Of Fear, Torso, New York Ripper and Baba Yaga Reloaded (essentially Corrado Farina’s upcoming re-edited director’s cut – which looks pretty interesting). Animated menus, chapter selection and some nifty reversible cover art are also included.

    The Final Word:

    While not the best example of what the genre has to offer, Strip Nude For Your Killer is a sleazy and mindlessly entertaining movie with a couple of stand out moments.