• Schoolgirl Report #13: Don’t Forget Love During Sex

    Released by: Impulse Pictures
    Released on: February 10th, 2015.
    Director: Walter Boos
    Cast: Katja Beinert, Sylvia Engelmann, Renate Langer, Gaby Fritze
    Year: 1980
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    The Movie:

    The thirteenth and final entry in the seemingly endless (and endlessly enjoyable!) Schoolgirl Report sexploitation pictures that Germany seemed to pump out about as quickly as they did Volkswagen’s, Don’t Forget Love During Sex follows the same formula as the dozen that precede it. This time around, the framing device that allows us to voyeuristically enjoy the sexy vignettes that make up the bulk of the film’s running time is a high school production of Romeo And Juliet. As the students get into character and do their thing, a conversation about the importance of love and sex breaks out with teacher (Tonio von der Meden) kinda-sorta moderating it.

    From here, we travel through time and enjoy the first story, in which a Greek student named Irina (Katja Bienert) is pressured by the ‘cool girls’ in the school to fit in by shoplifting a pair of black panties from a local shop. Of course, she’s caught by the shopkeeper who blackmails her into sex under the threat of calling the cops on her if she denies him. She obliges, figuring this is a onetime thing but no dice, this guy is horny and he wants multiple boning sessions out of this. It doesn’t end well for him.

    From here we learn the sordid story of a young man named Achim (Wilfried Schmidt) who talks a whole lot of talk but may or may not actually walk the walk. See, if he’s to believe he’s a real life Romeo and a hit with the ladies but his friends don’t believe him. To prove he’s the stud he says he is they challenge him to bed the hardest to get girl of them all and to bring back a pair of her underwear as proof. He agrees, but of course this isn’t going to go as planned.

    The third story follows a young woman named Daniela who drinks way too much in hopes of someday burying the pain of her father’s early death. But there’s more the reason for her drinking than this and she tells her friend that she wound up in a ward to be treated for alcoholism after she and her cousin, Stefan (Nico Wolferstetter), had a thing. She puzzlingly expected Stefan to whisk her away with him but no, he just basically used her for an incestuous quickie.

    Last but not least we learn of Rollie (Karin König), a buxom young woman who always seems to wind up getting a bum deal from her better looking sister and her friends. One day they send her off to buy some rubbers so that when their boyfriends show up they can have safe sex but after a series of minor misadventures that doesn’t happen. Later, people have sex in a barn.

    The last vignette tells of the efforts of two young men who get more than intrigued by the arrival of a foxy French foreign exchange student named Claudine. Unfortunately for them, their two girlfriends are none too impressed with any of this - strange slapstick comedy mixed with soft sex follows. Sort of.

    That’s pretty much it. This isn’t as deep as it pretends to be, what with the amusing bits and pieces sandwiched in between the vignettes wherein our students have serious and down to Earth discussions about love and sex with their surprisingly open teacher. Nope, it’s pretty shallow and silly, but that’s okay. Two of the four stories are surprisingly bleak and dark, which kind of kills the films’ sex appeal but they’re weird enough that you’ll definitely want to watch them. Moments like this make you wonder just what the filmmakers were going for as it’s hard to imagine the raincoat crowd getting off on murder, blackmail and alcoholism but then again, who knows.


    Impulse's 1.66.1 anamorphic widescreen transfer is pretty decent even if it isn't completely pristine. There are some occasional instances of minor print damage in the form of specs and tiny scratches. None of this is particularly distracting but it is there. Color reproduction looks a bit faded but is otherwise okay while the black levels are closer to grey at times. Detail is alright for the most part though softer than most will want. This is perfectly watchable but nothing to write home about. Oddly enough, the framing on the opening credits is slightly different than the feature itself.

    The German language Dolby Digital Mono track, which comes with optional English subtitles, has a little bit of background hiss here and there but you probably won't notice it unless you're specifically listening for it. Aside from that, this is a decent, well-balanced track that delivers completely audible dialogue and a nice score.

    Like all of the other releases so far in this line up, the only extras are a static menu screen and chapter selection. Aside from that, this DVD is barebones.

    The Final Word:

    Schoolgirl Report #13 features more of what made the series so infamous in the first place – attractive women, some fun comedy and some carefree, casual sex. Throw in some genuinely weird melodrama, nice German location photography and some enjoyably familiar music and yeah, if you dug the first twelve you might as well complete your collection with this final entry.