• Vampirella Vol. 2 #11

    Published by: Dynamite Entertainment
    Released on: Apr. 8, 2015
    Writer: Nancy A. Collins
    Artist: Patrick Berkenkotter
    Cover artist: Mike Meyhew
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    Draculina…the blonde-headed twin sister of Vampirella is the daughter of Cain, the original murderer and the third and final Accursed involved with the end-of-the-world conspiracy. But then, that makes Cain Vampi’s dad too…why doesn’t she remember anything about them? Because her mother Lilith wiped out that part of her memory it would seem, and replaced them with false ones. But Cain helps her get all those memories back.

    Cain takes up a good portion of the chapter telling his tale of woe throughout the millennia and how he has fathered many children, always a set of twins and always one with the Mark of Cain. That mark drives the sibling to murder the other, always a blonde-haired child killing a black-haired child, and it is something Cain has endured watching during his time as an Accursed. But he won’t let these two bikini-wearing vampires kill each other. Not while he has anything to say about it. Daddy’s girls decide to respect his wish, but just wait until he isn’t looking anymore…

    So we get cheaped out of a big-busted brawl to the death (although we get one heck of a teaser), but this isn’t over yet. Cain may have been neutralized, and the Kabal satisfied the threat is over, but Draculina has the Mark of Cain and murdering her sister is her destiny. She’s just biding her time until the moment is right make that destiny come to fruition, so you know it’s coming sooner or later; hopefully sooner.

    The team of Collins and Berkenkotter hasn’t lost any luster after 11 issues and their reign on the series continues to result in some seriously fantastic Vampirella story telling. New revelations about the origin of Vampirella might please some and disappoint others, but kudos to Collins for tweaking it for her story. She seems to be steering things in a great direction, so the readers should just trust her and enjoy the ride. This issue concludes the latest story arc, by the way, and it looks like the next arc is keeping the same creative team (covers too). For that we say thanks to Dynamite; why mess with a good thing?