• Goners Volume 1: We All Fall Down

    Published by: Image Comics
    Released on: Apr. 29, 2015
    Writer: Jacob Semahn
    Artist: Jorge Corona
    Cover Artist: Jorge Corona
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    The Latimers are a family of supernatural hunters, and a family that has been performing this function for a long, long time. In this day of realty television they have become celebrities, but their world is all too-real and dangerous and the death of the husband-wife team was captured on live television by someone called The Brotherhood of Anubis. Their children, Zoe and Josiah, witnessed it like everyone else watching, and it would seem their lives are in danger from the very same group.

    The recently made orphans are instantly put under the protection of their parent’s man-servant Francis and one Detective McCarthy, two men who rock some fine facial hair. There are a slew of beasts lurking out there who want the teen and the tween as dead as their mom and dad and they certainly have the means to do it. Sooner than later a few more people come into the mix to help keep the Latimer legacy and the kids alive: say hello to Uncle Frank, Aunt Gail, and bad-boy/general dickhead Ezra Jones.

    Josiah has a mishap at the hands of a beast, and as a result he learns something about himself and his mom; something that makes him understand he is far more than just a regular kid. His parents hid a deep dark secret from both the children and now that they’re gone that secret is no longer kept from the two orphans, and this is when the story really kicks in. Lots of action, plenty of violence and even a demonic dragon fill these pages to deliver a real fun ride.

    The story contains lots of different supernatural bad guys as well as some good ones, so monster lovers take note: this is a monster book for sure. And thankfully in the back of the book are pages that give some information on the various things that inhabit the book. It’s nice to know what a Bakaak, a golem, or a skin-walker are but you need not know in order to enjoy the story. You’ll get the gist of it by their actions anyway.

    The script jumps around a bit between the past and the present, giving some history on the family (there was a Latimer at the Alamo!), but not a whole lot; just enough to open up more questions. The writing is such that it never gets confusing as to the when of things, and that’s always a good thing. The pace moves really fast during the action sequences, and coasts along during flashbacks, making for a nice balance and there’s a vein of dark humor running throughout as well, lending itself well to some good moments. Jacob Semahn’s story is quite engaging but has more of an adventure vibe to it than a horror one, but that could be more due to the artwork than the writing.

    The artist on this series has an attractive style, with thick lines, angular people, and some interesting panel layouts. Jorge Corona’s style is more toward the cartoonish side than the realistic side, which certainly takes away from the horror element, but his art has a lot of energy making things more exciting than moody. His work contains a lot of detail resulting in some jam-packed pages, and sharp eyes might spot a background treat or two. Plus he draws wicked cool looking monsters. The coloring job helps with the mood as well, being very blue during the fighting, and quite cheery during the flashbacks.

    This certainly has started out as what could be a very large story with all the family history barely uncovered, and the time that lies ahead of the two Latimer kids. For those looking for a fast-paced, action packed supernatural thrill ride, Goners should be very appealing to you.