• Intimate Lingerie

    Released by: Alpha France
    Released on: May, 2015
    Director: Patrick Aubin
    Cast: Patricia Saint Clair, Catherine Ringer, Élisabeth Buré, Nadine Rossial, Dany, Christina Maffei, Hubert Geral, Jacques Gato
    Year: 1981
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    The Movie:

    Intimate Lingerie is a release from Alpha France from French director Patrick Aubin. The back of the DVD case states: “This gem of a perversity drew a record number of spectators when it debuted…” And those spectators in 1981 Paris certainly got what they paid for, just as modern collectors will today with this release.

    The main plot of the film (plot? Really? Who needs it?) centers on Marc, a man who has inherited a lingerie store, and with it inherits so much more. He admits to knowing nothing about lingerie, but he quickly finds a way to make his first customer happy. After that, he meets a young eager blonde named Aline who is looking for a job. He hires her on the spot for her enthusiasm and, err, obvious talents.

    The pair embarks on employing above par customer service techniques that keep the ladies (and gentlemen) visiting the store coming back for more. All of this sex leaves Marc feeling exhausted, so he is more than happy to let Aline take the reigns from time to time. The two also play bizarre and disturbing games with one another that heighten the action of the movie from mere repetitive dressing room sex.

    Intimate Lingerie is a nonstop sex romp from start to finish (pun intended). Marc and Aline make a good pair, and neither one is bad to look at. Obstacles to the sexiness are armpit hair, multiple men in women’s underwear, and some mild racism towards the beginning (although it is ultimately complimentary, just strange). The film actually plays out nicely as a movie, with a clear story arc and interesting character development. Moreover, it is a porno, and it accomplishes its function as such very well. Stars such as Dominique Saint Clair and Élisabeth Buré up the boner factor. And for the ladies, it feels sort of empowering at times. The women come to the lingerie shop to get what they want, and they demand it in the best of ways.


    Intimate Lingerie is presented on a MOD/DVD-R release, 1.33:1 non-anamorphic fullscreen. There is less noticeable print damage throughout the film than other Alpha France releases, and actually looks decent for its age and rarity. The image is for the most part stable with a fuzzy, soft overtone. Colors are muted but decent, with skin tones being a bit washed out and black levels being a bit weak. All in all the presentation is pretty good.

    The film is presented in an English Dolby Digital Mono track. The dubbing is a bit cheesy and over the top at times, with sexual sound effects being especially noisy (i.e. unrealistic blowjob slurps) But the film wouldn’t be quite the same with the original French track and subtitles; in this case the dubbing adds to the film instead of taking away. Dialogue is mostly clear with some muted moments, but nothing that obscures comprehension.

    There are no extras or menus on this disc.

    Bottom Line:

    Intimate Lingerie is a worthy release for any vintage porn or Alpha France fan to add to their collection. The ladies will love how the women take charge, and the men will also love how the women take charge (but for completely different reasons). At the end of the day, you could almost say that this film is a love story. And anyone who enjoys some good old-fashioned porn will find love here, too.

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      dubbed non-US porn = AWESOME