• In Defence – Don’t Fuck With The Dungeon Master

    In Defence – Don’t Fuck With The Dungeon Master
    Released by: In Defence
    Released on: June 13th, 2015.
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    Produced by none other than Joel Grind from Toxic Holocaust, Don’t Fuck With The Dungeon Master is the latest full-length offering from In Defence, a thrash/punk crossover act from Minneapolis. Apparently they’re tire do pizza hogging the glory from tacos and really into beer and moshing so yeah, they’re probably great. Are they great? Read on…

    Unholy Water is a sub-three minute assault on the senses that preaches the gospel of beer and circle pits. That unholy water? It’s warm beer. But warm beer serves its purpose and this song slays. It’s fast, blunt and to the point. Grind’s production here is awesome. Not overdone or overly complicated but it sounds good, without getting too slick. From there? Tacos Til Death, a three minute love letter to melting cheese – may the taco be your savior. This is as much an anti-pizza song as it is a pro-taco song, which might cause conflicted feelings in some listeners (there’s room in this world for both) but that doesn’t take away from the greatness of this song – TACOS TIL DEATH over and over again on the chorus. It’s pretty rad. “Put that taco in your face, the fucking awesome you will taste.” Indeed. Now I want tacos.

    Guns In School (or, according to the lyrics sheet… Guns Don’t Belong In Schools, Swords Do!) is a song that deals with school shootings in the US in a rather tasteless, tongue in cheek manner by suggesting people bring swords with them as they go about their business instead of guns. It’s pretty funny. “We have to teach kids that guns are bum and bullets are so uncool, we’ve all seen Kill Bill and Lord Of The Rings so we all know that swords rule!” It’s true. Swords are way cooler than guns and this song makes its case with just over three minutes of the kind of rash-punk crossover that’ll make your ears bleed and your dick hard. Don’t Fuck With The Dungeon Master is a song about… playing Dungeons And Dragons. There’s not a whole lot more to it than that, I guess you could read into it a certain reverence for the aforementioned Dungeon Master and the authority/power that he yields over a session but yeah, it’s about D&D. Great choral work on this (really) and some awesome noodly guitar soloing too, which helps to give it a bit more of an epic fantasy feel. Death Pit (aka No One Survives The Death Pit) is a straight up crossover track, the kind you’d expect from D.R.I. in their heyday and the kind that newer recruits like Municipal Waste laydown so well – but the lyrics are insanely fierce here and it’s fast as fast can be, just blistering at times. In case you couldn’t tell from the title it’s about being in an awesome mosh pit, which is a bit of a recurring theme on this record.

    ADHDTV is more mosh-heavy crossover, this time taking on society’s obsession with technology – phones, tablets, computers and TV’s – and the focus issues that people suffer because of that. Like most everything else on this record it is done with a sense of humor but there’s a valid point here. It sounds like Anthrax back when Anthrax was awesome. Fun With Beer (Projectile Partying) is a beautiful little moshterpiece about drinking and the rad things that can happen when you’re drinking. “I see some people bleeding, I heard that someone’s dead but I guess that can happen when you chuck beer at their head.” It’s true.

    Grill And Be Grilled is a song about being awesome at serving BBQ and shutting up those who doubt your culinary powers. Bonus points for name checking Spatula City in this song. These guys bring it hard but the humor in the lyrics is just as potent as the musical heaviness. Amber Waves Of Lame, at four minutes even, is the longest song on the record and it’s also the most serious as it takes on greed in current society and the pitfalls associated with the way that people obsess over money and success and how this intertwines with bullshit politics.

    Bringing the album near to the finish line is Refrigerator The Energy Efficient Household Appliance That Eats People, which clocks in at just over two minutes. It’s pretty fierce, fast, malicious even – but it uses the word ‘nosh’ so you can’t take it too seriously. Great breakdowns here but yeah, it’s a song about what happens in the fridge: mold, freezing and the like… and how it can lead to your downfall! Last but not least, Circle Pit The Casket is a two and a half minute accepting the inevitability of death and celebrating it by forming a circle pit to honor your dead homies. It starts off fast but ends even faster, building very quickly to a super fast thrash-tastic tempo that ought to wake the dead. Call it ‘Mosh Pit At Bernies’ indeed.

    …they’re great.