• Kevin Wood & From The North - Malfunkshun Loverrock 333: Monument

    Things have been a bit hectic around the ranch as of late with the holiday season and the general work bs but the boss was kind enough to send me a batch of silver platters to review and I will begin thusly before returning to reviewing every fucking record I own....

    Today's slab of songs is from Kevin Wood & From The North, the title of the album borrows it's name from Kevin's former band with brother Andrew Wood, Malfunkshun. Now, those of you with a passing knowledge of early 90s alternative rock will recognize Andrew Wood as the lead singer of Mother Love Bone aka the band Stone Gossard and Jeff Ament were in between Green River and Pearl Jam. Andy Wood od'd as was the style at the time and that led to grunge "supergroup" Temple Of The Dog paying tribute to him with an album and the very popular single "Hunger Strike"..y'know the video where Eddie Vedder and Chris Cornell look like they're gonna poop and keep singing "I'm going huuuunnnnnngggrrryy"

    20 years (jesus, that makes me feel old) after Andrew Wood passed, Kevin and his new band decided to take a bunch of lyrics to unrecorded songs Andrew wrote during the Malfunkshun days and put them to music. This is the end result.

    This album would have been big if it had been released 15 years earlier, every song on here sounds like something that woulda been spun alot on 94.5 The Edge during my teenage years but now it sounds like a quaint musical artifact from a very specific region and time. The guitars and vocals wouldn't sound out of place on a Candlebox album. Nothing on this album even slightly stands out to me.

    Maybe if I were a few years older, I might dig it a bit more. I was in the 7th grade when "Nevermind" broke big and at the time would have rather listened to AC/DC or Aerosmith than the grunge stuff. I didn't get into the Melvins or Mudhoney until 2000 and they're really the only two bands from the "grunge scene" I can enjoy. This album has no nostalgia factor to me, just some twaddle put to jiveass guitars.

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