• Kaijumax #5

    Kaijumax #5
    Released by: Oni Press
    Released on: August 12th, 2015.
    Written And Illustrated by: Zander Cannon
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    Need to get caught up? Previously in Kaijumax… Electrogar got flat out raped in the waterfall shower and since then has withdrawn from the rest of the inmate community. Meanwhile, Whoofy’s friend, a strange human boy, proposes to him that they murder his father Ape-Whale! Jeong, the guard, winds up growing some new and unexpected armor while Doctor Zhang has to contend with the evil Zonn. Things are getting complicated. Messy and complicated.

    On his way into work, a certain guard named Jeong gets into a mid-air collision with Lt. Nguyen of Team G.R.E.A.T. They exchange information but then it gets a bit testy. Someone is not in a good mood, and it’s not Nguyen…

    Meanwhile, Zhang talks to Warden Kang about Electogar’s post-rape counseling session but that conversation is interrupted when Kang gets a call letting him know that Jeong has morphed into ‘guard’ mode (think Ultraman) and started freaking out. Back in the prison itself, Whoofy hides from the boy but is found in a game of hide and seek. The boy once again tries to talk him into killing Ape-Whale, telling him it’s all part of a little game and that if they’re really best friends then he’ll play along. And just after that conversation occurs, Ape-Whale loses his temper with Whoofy a bit. Hmmm…

    Zhang talks to Electrogar about the incident, and to gain his trust she shows him her human self. She gets through to him but can’t overcome his distrust of the guards. The big guy has a lot on his mind – the kids he’s responsible for, the incident… it’s a stressful time for him. Kang shows up to take in the aftermath of Jeong’s rampage and reconnects with Colonel Singh, who he hasn’t seen in years. They talk and he tries to make a deal. Things get even more complicated when Whoofy changes his mind about the ‘joke’ and Zhang discovers a journal that depicts last issue’s waterfall incident in a very different light. And then Kamakura shows up and we’ll leave it at that because spoiling the ending to this fifth issue would be a grave injustice to anyone with an interest in this excellent series.

    Again loaded with plenty of neat little in-jokes that kaiju movie fans will appreciate (without overdoing it to the point where it’s too obvious or obnoxious, which is an important aspect to point out), this one ups the ante in terms of not only the drama that exists between both the human and monster elements that make up this book but in terms of the plot twists and character arcs as well. There are a few things that you definitely won’t see coming and the ending here is both laugh out loud funny and also genuinely surprising. The scenes involving Electrogar and Zhang are also interesting, as she tries to get into his head and partially succeeds, but then they to take a sharp turn into unexpected territory.

    The writing is the right mix of humor and genuinely interesting drama and character development while the art and bright coloring complements the story just as it should. This is one of those books that might take you a few issues to get used to but once you do, you’ll be pulled in all the way. It’s pretty easy to get hooked on this series if you give it a chance and it’s still got one of the most enjoyable letter columns going (always read through the back pages in this series!). Zander Cannon you are onto something here. Keep up the completely awesome work.