• 21st Century Tank Girl #3

    Released by: Titan Comics
    Released on: August 12th, 2015.
    Writer: Alan Martin
    Art: Brett Parson, Jamie Hewlett, Jonathan Edwards, Philip Bond, Warwick Johnson-Cadwell
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    Tank Girl, where do I start?

    She was created in 1988 by two college chums, Alan Martin and Jamie Hewlett. You may recognize Hewlett's name as one of the Gorillaz creators, I was already inclined to like Tank Girl as I'm a big fan of Hewlett's art style.

    Tank Girl's name is Rebecca Buck, she lives in a post-apocalyptic wasteland with her boyfriend, Booga, a human/kangaroo hybrid, her friends Sub Girl and Jet Girl, she gets into all kinds of misadventures and I'm pretty sure a tank is involved somewhere...

    21st Century Tank Girl is an anthology series with roughly four stories per issue and the art divided up between Jamie Hewlett and a handful of other artists, I was disappointed at first as Hewlett's art was the main draw for me but all of the other artists do excellent work and obviously Hewlett and Martin wouldn't let anyone do a shit job on their baby...not counting that film from the 90s.

    The first issue sees Tank Girl destroy a planet and start a rebellion to get fuel for her tank to win a race, she also has a wordless dream about fighting Nazis and rescuing her friends in World War II. My favorite story in the first issue has to be Runny Man, it sees Tank Girl arrested and sentenced to Death Row but she has a shot at life imprisonment if she can beat 5 other contestants in a life or death race full of obstacles and a demented giant frothing Nazi who's attracted by the scent of deer musk, of course our heroine survives after killing everyone else off then frees Adolf onto the audience.

    The second issues kicks off with Tank Girl and Jet Girl ripping off a poker game and making their getaway with poor Booga who's been hired to drive a vintage muscle car across the outback in perfect condition for 5 grand, needless to say those plans go slightly awry. Tank Girl also takes a trip through 1970's British Kids TV to find what she needs to defeat an enemy tank, she and Jet Girl also visit a gun shop where they discuss getting older.

    Issue 3 is pretty much just one story, luckily it's an awesome story so that's handy. In Valleri, the gang has a party and meet a strange girl hanging out on the couch, they immediately hit it off so she's invited to move in. Booga can't help but feel something is off and he's right, she's an undercover cop sent to infiltrate the gang! Tank Girl and Valleri break into a museum to steal God's Underpants...seriously, they're a pair of tighty whiteys that belong to the man upstairs, of course the cops bust in and it all goes to shit when we realize Valleri and Tank Girl are working together, they were childhood best friends and Valleri only joined the police force to get this plan rolling. There's some death and some tears and explosions but it all works out well in the end. The second story has Tank Girl and the gang wreaking havoc on a shopping mall that's knocked their local corner store out of business, I rather like how they all give each other Hanna Barbara code-names in this one, the issue ends with Booga investing all their holiday savings in his own personal line of cereal which doesn't quite work out.

    I dig 21st Century Tank Girl, it's good stuff.