• NYCC 2015 Part Three - Toys!

    Another big part of what makes NYCC such a rad event to go to? Toys! Yeah, there are some dealers who peddle vintage stuff but a large part of the focus is on ‘the new stuff’ and the ‘stuff you want but can’t buy yet.’ There was a lot of that this year, probably more than last year, with big players like Sideshow and Previews Select displaying some really impressive sculpts, prototypes and finished products. And of course, there were plenty of show exclusives on hand, often requiring the more dedicated collectors out there to stand in some pretty long lines for a shot at getting their hands on some of the more limited runs for sale.

    Not surprisingly, most of what you’ll see on display is licensed stuff – seen below are a prototype for a pretty neat Link figure and some absolutely jaw droppingly detailed Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle figures alongside some anime and video game pieces.

    Back in The Block area, you’ll find some weird stuff along with some ‘bad girl’ figures like Shi and Lady Death, a King Zombie Deadworld figure, a huge American Werewolf In London piece and even a nice Caroline Munroe figure!

    Moving right along, dig this complete set of Sailor Moon character figures, a giant monster thing and some Frazetta-inspired sculpts of curvy ladies and bloody warriors!

    And you want vintage? Here’s a Full House piece for you.

    Batman and a Powerslave era Eddie!

    By the power of ‘gray’ skull. Ha! Some very cool He-Man greyscale figures, some new ‘M.U.S.C.L.E.’ style minis, some Aliens lego style characters, insanely detailed Batman and Joker pieces, some gigantic Marvel character villains and a ‘lifesize’ TMNT pizza-mobile!?

    Superheroes! Red Sonja, Spiderman, Batgirl, Supergirl and Catwoman!

    If you want a lifesize replica of David Gale’s head from Re-Animator, NYCC is the place to be. They’ve got you covered for Critters figures too. The Amok Time line is always interesting.

    Moving back to ‘real people figures’ you can ogle two different Tony Jaa figures, a Bruce Lee piece and …. Dennis Rodman!

    Aliens. Batman. Universal Monsters. DC Heroes. Space Ghost. Star Wars and another Bruce Lee!

    More licensed stuff – Predator and Back To The Future minis along with a huge Thundercat, some Chucky’s and some Nightmare Before Christmas pieces.

    If you want Judge Dredd figures, then Judge Dredd figures you shall have.

    Meanwhile, at the Hallmark booth (which was shaped like an AT-AT Walker to promote their Star Wars stuff) we get a softer, gentler kind of collectable. This stuff was pretty great and a lot of it was being shown in preview mode so you can get a rough idea of what ornament will be in stores shortly.

    And then there was the McFarlane Toys booth. This place was stacked with Game Of Thrones figures and with more Walking Dead stuff than you can shake a severed zombie arm at. Full size figures, minis, sculpts and diorama pieces – pretty impressive.

    And if you hang around the booth long enough you might just catch Todd McFarlane himself signing things and looking kind of stunned.