• King Diamond With Exodus Live In New York City, The Playstation Theater, November 21st 2015.

    King Diamond, currently playing the classic Abigail album in full on this 2015 tour, played the third and final night of run of shows at the Playstation Theater in Times Square last night to a sold out crowd.

    Exodus, now reunited with vocalist Steve "Zetro" Souza, opened up the night with a ridiculously tight set and they did a great job of working the crowd up for the main event. Souza sounded great and had a lot of energy, as did the rest of the band. Kragen Lum (filling in for Gary Holt) and Lee Altus killed on guitar with the rhythm section of Jack Gibson on bass and Tom Hunting on drums holding everything down perfectly.

    The set list for their opening assault was: Deranged / Blood In, Blood Out / Body Harvest / Impaler / Blacklist / Bonded by Blood / The Toxic Waltz / Strike of the Beast

    About twenty minutes later the sounds of Uriah’s Heep could be heard coming from the PA system. The crowd knew what was coming up and moments later the red curtain was pulled back, the lights came back up and the band, accompanied by ‘Grandma’ of course, came out onto the stage. It was theatrical madness right from the start, upside down crosses flanking the left and right of the stage, gargoyles on either side of the balcony laid out over the drum kit and a pentagram hanging at the back of the stage.

    King Diamond’s set list last night was: Out from the Asylum / Welcome Home / Sleepless Nights / Halloween / Eye of the Witch / Melissa (Mercyful Fate cover) / Come to the Sabbath (Mercyful Fate cover) / "Them" / Funeral / Arrival / A Mansion in Darkness / The Family Ghost / The 7th Day of July 1777 / Omens / The Possession / Abigail / Black Horsemen / Insanity

    The band played fast and tight for the entire set and King Diamond sounded absolutely perfect, hitting every one of those high notes every single time. The guy’s range is just amazing and he and everyone else on stage last night gave one hundred percent. Andy Laroque, Mike Wead and Pontus Egberg on guitar and bass respectively were just completely on top of things and while Matt Thompson was barely visible behind a fairly massive drum kit he didn’t miss a beat. The Mercyful Fate covers were definitely a highlight as was Halloween but of course, the draw not just for this night but for the entire tour was seeing Abigail performed in its entirety – and it didn’t disappoint. The theatrics kept going with Abigail herself appearing throughout the set and interacting with King as he strutted about the stage.

    There was no encore, and there didn’t need to be. Everyone got exactly what they wanted from this show. The remaining shows for this tour, still going strong, are:

    Nov 23 Stage AE - Pittsburgh, PA
    Nov 24 Orpheum - Boston, MA
    Nov 25 The Fillmore - Philadelphia, PA
    Nov 27 Aragon Ballroom - Chicago, IL
    Nov 28 The Fillmore - Detroit, MI
    Nov 30 Myth - Minneapolis, MN
    Dec 02 Club Brady - Tulsa, OK
    Dec 04 House Of Blues - Houston, TX
    Dec 05 House Of Blues - Dallas, TX



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