• Fistful Of Blood #2

    Fistful Of Blood #2
    Released by: IDW Publishing
    Released on: October 21st, 2015.
    Written by: Kevin Eastman, Simon Bisley
    Illustrated by: Kevin Eastman, Simon Bisley
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    Set ‘a long time ago in the not so distant future’ we head back to the same Podunk we first saw in the debut issue to catch up with our ridiculously proportioned scantily clad female gunslinger. We catch up with her in her room where she’s sprawled out across the bed clad in lingerie, because that’s what female gunslingers sleep in. She’s awoken from her slumber when a clawed and hissing creature, a vampire clad in a dark suit and wide brimmed hat, attacks her.

    She hops out of bed and defends herself, prompting the monster to note that she ‘likes the rough stuff.’ They fight and soon enough she goes for her guns. She pumps him full of lead, holes allowing the moonlight coming in from the window to beam through his torso and even the one she put though his forehead, but it doesn’t stop him. He makes his move, his tongue lashing over her cleavage and evidently none too pleasantly as he tells her she needs a bath. Eventually she jams him with a plugged in light socket and electrocutes him and throws his burning corpse out the window.

    Turns out she was being watched the whole time by Sean McDonald, a member of the vampire family warring with the Von Bismarks, the zombies. He offers her a job, knowing full well that the competition already made her an offer. But he intends to double it. As the sun is about to come up, Sean gives her until next sundown to think about it. The innkeeper tells her that before she arrived the warring factions agreed to ‘share’ whoever came into town (the Von Bismarks get the flesh, the McDonald family the blood).

    What neither she nor he realizes is that an RV containing a dim witted family of tourists obsessed with the old western show that used to use the town for location shooting have just turned the corner and are on their way in…

    This first issue is just as gratuitously trashy and over the top as the one that came before it so if you weren’t into it to start with, this isn’t going to change your mind. The series is unapologetically sexist in its depiction of our heroine – she’s always in some sort of sexy outfit and in some sort of sexy pose – but at the same time she’s probably the strongest character in the series and she’s not about to let a man tell her what to do, even when things are clearly being portrayed for titillation in terms of the artwork. It is what it is, all apologies having been left at the door. The scripting isn’t super literate or even close to highbrow but it does pile on the stylish violence and work in some amusing humor. The artwork, which in this incarnation is Eastman working over Bisley’s originals, suits the tone well in that it’s just as over the top and exaggerated as the story it portrays.

    Eastman once again contributes some text and illustrations in a Behind The Scenes segment that explains how the original black and white story was redone for this new color edition along with some character design sketches and some page breakdowns.