• Coffins/Ilsa – Split E.P.

    Coffins/Ilsa – Split E.P.
    Released by: Relapse Records
    Released on: February 28th, 2016.
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    Metal knows no geographical boundaries! So it only makes sense that Japan’s Coffins would release a split E.P. with Ilsa, (a band named after a certain She-Wolf Of The S.S.?) who hail from mighty Baltimore, Maryland. Only one song each? This review is going to be short.

    Coffins are one side one. Their track is called Tyrant and it runs just under five minutes. How is it? Ridiculously heavy, with vocalist Tikita laying down some growling, death metalish vocals overtop of riff-heavy doom supplied by guitar player Uchino, bass player Koreeda and drummer Satoshi. There’s a thrashy element here that’s pretty great, but the vocals almost seems like they’re on a different planet, which makes for an enjoyably weird vibe throughout this massive slab of abrasive, obnoxious, punch you in the balls kind of metal.

    Ilsa’s track is called Cult Of The Throne and it runs seven and a half minutes. This one has an awesome fuzzy guitar sound going for it courtesy of guys named Tim and Brendan, with some seriously thick bass lies from Sharad and killer, right on target drumming from Joshy. Vocals from Orion are intense, angry, pissed off and tortured at times. They diverge into noise/feedback territory for a bit half way through the track and then go full on doom, with heavy riffs grabbing you by the throat, then letting Orion get back to the craziness with his vocals as they build to a ridiculously intense crescendo.

    Orion’s mid-range growl has a completely different style than Tikita’s more guttural sound from the first track but at the same time, pairing these two bands together was a rad idea because they’ve got heaviness, anger and energy in common. Short but sweet, this 7” gives you one track each from two bands metalheads should be paying attention to.

    Listen to both tracks now!