• Zamboni - Zamboni

    Zamboni - Zamboni
    Released by: Zamboni
    Releasing on: April 15th, 2016.
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    Zamboni are a mysterious band. The credits included with the review materials for this latest album indicate that the band is made up of Robert Orr on vocals and guitar, Chris Butera on bass and vocals (he’s also responsible for the awesome album cover art) and then two guys - Roger Padilla and Bill Cosby – on drums, the later of the two also responsible for Pudding Pops. The record was evidently recorded ‘where the magic happens’ in Wantage New Jersey. Huh.

    Really though, this band is a two piece – it’s Orr and Butera doing their thing and it’s a thing that they’ve been doing since 2010. Press materials claim that they fuse ‘a lethal cocktail with ingredients ranging from Carnivore and D.R.I. to NWA and the Wu-Tang Clan’ and while Carnivore and D.R.I. influences are clear (they cover Five Year Plan on their earlier Zamboni Sucks E.P.)… it’s tough to compare the band to either N.W.A. or the Wu-Tang Clan. That doesn’t mean they’re not rad though. Some of these songs weer recorded on their live album and World War Z appeared in a studio version on that aforementioned E.P., but the versions here are different and they sound better too.

    The thirty-six second The Meaning Of Life kicks off the album and it’s mostly just noise and samples and nonsense. It segues into The Greater Evil, a track that clocks in at just under three minutes and that blends thrash and hardcore into a delicious stew of angry semi-political ranting that sounds a lot like early M.D.C.. Which is cool, because early that first M.D.C. record is boss.

    Nuclear Hatred is just short of two minutes worth of more thrashy, hardcore greatness. These guys have a pretty big eighties punk sound that’s hard not to love. They’re sloppy enough to get you going but polished enough that they sound pretty good when they play. The vocals still sound a lot like Dave Dictor, but Dave Dictor’s vocals are great so that’s not a complaint so much as it is an observation. Brain Hemorrhage actually delivers a two minute assault on your senses that is faster, tighter and angrier than the first two tracks, it’s pretty blistering stuff, while Norman Bates, which clocks in under the two minute mark, offers up a pretty passionate tribute to the man behind the mayhem at the Bates Motel with a catchy sing-along style chorus.

    Killer Croc gives you ninety-five seconds of Batman’s nemesis throwing rocks at Gotham’s caped crusader to the sounds of buzzsaw guitars and sludgy bass and drums. Stick Em goes for over three minutes and it’s a pretty riff-tastic ditty about plasma grenades and all the great things that they bring to our lives. It’s actually got a guitar solo on it, the other tracks on this record don’t, and it moves the album quite nicely into the penultimate track, World War Z. This one blasts for three minutes and twenty seconds straight and it goes on about waging war against the undead. It’s good stuff. It doesn’t break the mold, it fits in nicely with every other song on this record, but when they music is as fast and intense and fucking FUN as it is here, you don’t mind. Zamboni closes out their album called Zamboni with a song called Zamboni, but if Manowar can write a song called Manowar that’s about being in Manowar, there’s no reason that Zamboni can’t follow suit. This is four and a half minutes long, considerably lengthier than the other tracks on this record, except that it’s not because it ends earlier than that and delivers some bonus craziness afterwards. But it starts off with a guitar bit that sounds like it was culled from Agnostic Front doing Crucified – except it’s a little bit different and it’s about… a Zamboni and the great things that a Zamboni does at a hockey game. It ends the album on a high note, thrashy and gritty and authentic in its execution.

    You can get this album for three whole dollars from the band camp link at the top of this page. And for three dollars, you should. That’s not very much money at all and this record is fucking rad.