• Corrosion Of Conformity With Mothership & Polygamist - Live At St. Vitus 4-14-2016

    Brooklyn’s St. Vitus played host, last night, to a triple threat of metal from across the spectrum in one of this week’s shows honoring the venue’s fifth year in business. First up were the burrough’s native sons, Polygamist. George Souleidis, one of the bar’s owners, fronts this three piece and they opened the night with a solid set of sludgy, stoner metal with Souleidis expressing some pretty sincere gratitude to everyone in attendance for supporting the bar in the first place. It was a fitting way to kick off the night and on top of that, these guys put on a pretty solid show.

    Mothership, from Dallas, Texas was up next. After a quick sound check lead vocalist/bass player Kyle Juett, drummer Judge Smith and guitar player Kelley Juett took the stage and things got fuzzy, both visually and sonically. These hairy dudes from the Lone Star State are good on record, but they’re an absolutely killer live act. The brothers Juett seem to have an almost supernatural synchronicity, playing off of one another even when it seems like they might be improvising a bit. Smith locks down the back end in a big way and all three players are tight, on top of it and clearly dedicated to putting on the best show that they can. They play with a ridiculous amount of energy while their seventies style mixes up some pretty obvious influences, blending elements of Sabbath and Zeppelin with harder edged stuff like Iron Maiden, throwing in healthy doses of Thin Lizzy and yeah, even some ZZ Top in for good measure.

    If the show had ended then and there it’s a safe bet that most in attendance would have left satisfied, but of course, that wasn’t the case because this was the second night of Corrosion of Conformity’s two dates in New York and the sold out crowd (it was PACKED in that back room) weren’t about call it quits just yet. Reed Mullin, Woody Weatherman and Mike Dean, now reunited with Pepper Keenan upfront on guitar and vocals gave the audience exactly what they wanted – a blistering set of heavy, riff-centric tracks from the albums that they’ve made together over the years. On top of that, the band was clearly having a blast and seemed to be feeding off of the crowd’s energy. Mike Dean was sort of in the background here, hanging out behind Keenan and off to the side seemingly very, very into what he was playing but Weatherman (who is insanely energetic) and Keenan were right up front for the duration and Mullin looked like he was having the time of his life behind the drum kit. The crowd ate it up.

    Great stuff all around and it was a kick seeing this lineup play in what is really a pretty intimate venue. The tour continues over the next couple of months and the band, now signed to Radioactive Records, has announced that a new album is in the works.



    Corrosion Of Conformity

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