• Predator: Life And Death #4

    Predator: Life And Death #4
    Released by: Dark Horse Comics
    Released on: June 1st, 2016.
    Written by: Dan Abnett
    Illustrated by: Brian Albert Thies
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    The fourth and final issue catches up with the Colonial Marines just after some of them have survived an assault from the Predators on the planet Tartarus. The conflict seems to stem from the fact that the Marines were closing in on an abandoned space ship – why are the Predators interested in this too? Captain Paget and her troops have come up with a plan to divide and conquer, hoping to split the Predator’s defenses and get what they need.

    When we catch up with them, they’re in the middle of a firefight. One of the Predator’s gets hit, then vanishes. Rucker’s team heads into the interior of the spacecraft, ready for whatever they might find, while Paget’s crew winds up getting attacked. She orders them to stop with the blind shooting and to conserve their ammo but they’ve already taken some casualties. The two teams update one another through radio contact but they’re not going to be meeting up anytime soon.

    So Rucker, with Humble at his side, and the rest head deeper into the ship where they realize the technology that they’re seeing is very different than the technology that the Predators have been using. Two difference species. What they see as they voyage further inside blows their minds – but of course, they’re not alone. That Predator that disappeared, he didn’t just evaporate. As they reach the bridge, Singer figures that they can get the ship operational with a little bit of work. They were close to making that happen before the attacks started. But Lorimer, ever the diligent YT employee, insists that if they do that, he be aboard.

    And then the Predators that Paget’s team was fighting go strangely quiet…

    We won’t spoil the ending but Dan Abnett has done a pretty great job of building this mini-series’ finish into the tie in that will launch Prometheus: Life And Death next week while presumably closing out the Predator related chapter with some pretty great action. The plot moves quickly but not without a decent amount of exposition and it works quite well. The characters, at least the central ones, are well established here and what they do and how they do it, well, it makes sense in the context of where this is all going.

    Brian Albert Thies, with some help from colorist Rain Beredo, does a fine job with the art. He’s got a sketchy sort of style but he conveys action really well and as such, the firefights and combat sequences are nicely rendered and plenty exciting. He also has a knack for drawing the alien spacecraft, both the interior and exterior of the massive ship, which makes the ending all the better. This was, all in all, a pretty entertaining read and the building blocks for the future Life And Death mini-series’ have been effectively set in place